MTG Gets Swatted on Christmas Day, Reveals Concerning Threats Against Her, Trump

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced on X that she’d been swatted again — this time on Christmas Day. 

The police in her town of Rome, Georgia, confirmed that there was a 911 dispatch call to her address just before noon because someone called a suicide hotline claiming he shot his girlfriend and was going to kill himself. 

Fortunately, the police were able to figure it out before they arrived on the scene

“Our team in their response … coordinated with her security detail and it was determined that there was no emergency and that she was safe,” the spokesperson explained. “Our response was actually canceled en route.”
“I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time,” Greene posted on X. “On Christmas with my family here. My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this.

The police confirmed that she had been swatted eight times, as she said, including past calls about dead bodies in the bathtub and shootings outside her home.

Greene also posted that she had received threats and that messages were also directed at former President Donald Trump as well. 

“Fight me, big mouth. I’ll f—ing smash your brains out on a curb. Have a nice time looking over your shoulder s—bag,” the individual allegedly messaged her Dec. 21.
The man then claimed he was being recruited by the FBI. 
Greene further alleged that she went to Capitol Police with the messages and that the man has yet to be arrested. 
Capitol Police sent her an email noting the individual’s responses to inquiries about the threats. 
“The outright absurdity of this email response and the fact that they have not arrested this guy is shocking, thankfully I’m a gun owner,” Greene vented.

MTG said that the Capitol Police told her that they called the person in question, but he said that he hadn’t threatened her and didn’t wish her any harm. 

MTG said she thought the way that the Capitol Police handled it by calling the guy on the phone was quite a contrast to how the police went after J6ers. 

The police have not yet commented on the threats or their response to MTG on the matter. 

This is crazy. We just heard from the Colorado Supreme Court that somehow using the term “fighting” equals an insurrection. 

But maybe saying you want to smash someone’s brains out on the curb — assuming that this threat is true — sounds like it might just be more than an ambiguous phrase. Such things weren’t only directed at a member of Congress but also allegedly at former President Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate. That should be a bit of a concern for the Capitol Police, one would think. 

A man was sentenced to three months in prison in August for threatening Greene in the past, so she’s had to deal with this before. But three months doesn’t sound like much of a punishment when you’re talking about threats against a member of Congress. 


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