Leftist Idiocy Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

We patriots are lucky to have leftists, if only because our own Republicans are so tragically incompetent – right now, the leftists are inadvertently making a better case against leftism than most of our feckless GOP politicians ever could. The secret weapon of the American left as it marched through the institutions was stealth. It gained power and influence, but largely out of sight, in the shadows, metastasizing quietly while normal people paid attention to other things. But today, thanks to stupid leftists, ideological leprosy has come out into the open before it was able to rot away from our society fully. 

These people are a gift. They initiated the ambush before we were fully in the kill zone. Now, we can fight back. For a long time, we did not. For years, we have been hearing stories of far-away craziness. Out there in academia, there were nutty professors and weird rites and rituals, but it was obscure, hazy, and remote. It was not yet in our faces out in the real world, and we could tell ourselves that even back when we went to school, there were always a few nutburgers lurking around the Quad with their “U.S. Out of North America” signs. But now, it’s right there, in the open. Social media helps expose them because many of them just can’t shut up. In Minnesota, you recently had the wonderful @LibsOf TikTok expose some professional Indians at some college babbling on about how America needs to be “decolonized”  – which means murdering us, the rightful owners of this continent through our ancestors’ glorious conquest of it. Oh, and it’s not “North America” anymore. It’s “Turtle Island” because, allegedly, some tribe somewhere thinks the continent is riding along on the back of an enormous magical tortoise, and the commies think that we all need to pretend that it’s not weird and that we must nod along.

Of course, the big pony-shaped present under our culture war tree this year is Claudine Gay, the President of Harvard, which is America’s best college ever, according to Harvard. Thanks, Santa, because for those of us out to defeat the Marxists, there’s no better gift than this ridiculous mid-wit with smart girl glasses and a shaved head. Remember, this is a woman who could not explain before Congress and TV cameras that genocide is bad – I will charitably give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she thinks genocide is bad. However, many of her fellow travelers (like the aforementioned Turtle Island residents) eagerly support it not just for Jews but for everyone designated a “settler” or “colonist.” What a spectacle – the president of an allegedly prestigious college word-salading it worse than Kamala after downing a bottle of Quaaludes and knocking back a couple of tumblers of Jack Daniels. 

Gay got hired because she checks all the woke boxes and because she viciously enforced wokeist dogma by participating in woke jihads against woke dissenters. Her school promises to punish you if you are fatphobic; if you threaten to kill all the Jews, though, not so much. That’s different, apparently because girth-challenged are higher on the Official Pyramid O’ Oppression® than G-d’s Chosen People.

She’s no towering genius, either. She is a professor of some fake studies nonsense. She has written thirteen fewer books than non-college president me, who has written thirteen (order my latest now!), and you can count on less than two hands the number of academic articles she has written. Compounding the shame of her paltry CV is the fact that she did not actually write much of what little she claimed to have written. She’s a serial plagiarist, and it’s a delight to watch the university twisting itself into yoga-like contortions to explain how copying other people’s writings without attribution is not plagiarism because and for reasons, and you are racist for noticing she is an academic thief.

The value proposition to outsiders for Haaaaaaaaaaarvard and the other Ivies used to be quality, and this genius has helped reveal that this is all a scam. They are not about quality. They are about leftism. Gay is the quintessential diversity hire, a one-woman – I assume that’s how she identifies and that “she” is her pronoun, though I don’t care – cautionary example of how the use of immutable characteristics as a criterion for evaluating the worth of a human being is sheer immoral idiocy. We always said that this affirmative action crap was crap. We also pointed out that it’s cruel because when race/gender/furry status/whatever is a substantial part of the decision-making for honors and positions, people will assume that it is a substantial part of the decision-making for honors and positions and believe people awarded those honors and obtaining those positions did not do so purely on the basis of merit. Now, I understand the rule is that you must simultaneously demand that diversity be the basis of honors and positions while also vehemently denying that diversity is the basis of honors and positions, but no one obeys that rule. We all know, even the commies. Diversity nonsense cheapens real achievement, and while the recipients will insist that accurately assessing the basis of their honors and positions is racist, everyone is going to do it anyway. Gay is terrific because she is so transcendently terrible that she just trashes the whole poisonous diversity paradigm. 

They should not have come out into the light so soon – even cockroaches know enough to scuttle off into the corners when someone flips a switch. But now they are out and in the open, and the rot cannot be denied. This is not like when we were students back on the old University of College campus, where the pinko weirdos were merely local colors. Now those pinko weirdos are running the place, and thanks to these dummies, we now see it. Now, we will act. Cut donations. Cut funding. Sue them. Mock them. Refuse to hire the cogs graduating from these commie conformity factories. Hell, their customers are already taking a pass.

Be thankful for the gift of truth and clarity from Elizabeth Warren’s cousins and the ridiculous Claudine Gay. Now we see you, and now we can ensure that you never control anything again.

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