Five Guns Found in Baltimore Schools

The biggest reason Maryland is an anti-gun state is Baltimore. It’s a violent city and that makes a lot of people think gun control is a solution and so they push it.

This creates obvious problems since they’re not just making determinations for people in Baltimore but throughout the state, for one thing.

For another, the things they keep pushing never seem to work.

After all, if gun control actually worked, then the easiest measure to determine that would be whether or not it stopped people from taking guns to school who aren’t supposed to have them there.

On that, it failed.

Five guns have been found inside Baltimore City Public Schools in the last two days.
“It’s very concerning that someone would bring an armed weapon where children are supposed to learn,” said Devera Ruff, who has a granddaughter at Baltimore’s KIPP Harmony Academy.

“Were concerned,” Baltimore City Public Schools spokesperson Andre Riley said. “We never want any of our weapons in our buildings.”
Riley told WJZ the district takes this matter very seriously and they’re thankful the weapons were reported to them in a timely manner.

At least one of the guns belonged to a staff member who apparently forgot it was in her purse. At least one of the other four involved a student bringing in the gun.

As for the other three, we’re kind of left clueless on the nature of what was found.

Either way, none of the gun control laws meant to keep guns out of schools actually worked. Meanwhile, had any of those people with the firearms had ill intentions, nothing would have stopped them. Nothing at all.

That’s as clear as day.

And because they don’t trust literally anyone without a badge to carry a gun in a school in Baltimore or anywhere else in the state, if one of those guns was in the hands of someone who wanted to kill others, it’s unlikely anyone would have stopped them. They could have killed as many people as they wanted until the police arrived–and that’s assuming the cops there would do a better job than the did in Uvalde.

Baltimore residents keep demanding gun control, and they’re getting what they want good and hard.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t work and, in the long run, likely leads to many of the problems we currently see in Baltimore, both in this instance and in countless others. The idea that infringing on the rights of private citizens somehow impacts bad actors is so bizarre as to be laughable.

Or would be if good people weren’t being hurt.

Instead, we see yet another instance of gun control laws failing miserably, all while anti-gunners pretend that they did literally anything of value.

Baltimore isn’t a safe place. Baltimore schools aren’t particularly safe, either. Gun rights could make it better, but it’s not like anyone in Maryland with the authority to change that actually will agree. It’s funny how little attention they pay to their own failures.

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