Chicago Residents Erupt During City Council Meeting Over Migrant Crisis: ‘Trump, Come Clean This Up’

Chicago residents are desperately suffering from President Joe Biden’s immigration policies that have caused cities to use all of their resources on illegal aliens rather than on their own residents. 

This week, a prominent Black activist gave a passionate speech during an all-Democrat city council meeting, calling on officials to handle immediately hand the immigrant crisis by “sending them all back.” 

George Blakemore condemned Biden’s unwillingness to secure the border, urging former President Trump to “come in here and clean up this mess” as some of the poorest neighborhoods suffer from a lack of funding and city services due to the migrant crisis. 

The Chicago resident called it “un-American” and “disgraceful” to see illegal aliens come into the United States and reap the same benefits, if not better, than hard-working American taxpayers. 

Who made these rules? Who voted for these rules? When did people have time to participate in making these rules? And one of y’all came over to me and said, ‘Well, Mr. Blakemore, we’ve got children.’ Well, what about the Black children in the ghetto? I’m strictly advocating for Black people. Call ICE on them! Trump, come in here, clean this mess up! The most corrupt city in the United States is the City of Chicago! I am an anti-illegal immigrant. Send them all back across the Rio Grande. We are the only people in America who were enslaved. We didn’t come over waiting and looking for something. When we came, we built this country on free labor.

Blakemore called Chicago the most corrupt city in the United States. 

His remarks come after the city announced plans to spend $300 million to deal with the more than 24,000 illegal migrants who have arrived in Chicago after crossing the southern border since August of last year.

On Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX.) flew more than 120 illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, with the first flight from El Paso arriving in Chicago. 

More than 26,000 illegal aliens have arrived in Chicago since last year, with nearly 1,200 migrants camping out at the city’s O’Hare Airport as well as several police stations. 

Chicago has earmarked nearly $24 million to winterize tents to shelter thousands of illegal migrants who have arrived in the city during the cold months. 

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