Cenk Uygur Tries to ‘Clap Back’ at Douglas Murray, Humiliation Follows

As RedState reported, British journalist Douglas Murray took ownership of far-left hack Cenk Uygur during an exchange on Talk TV.

The former has been on the ground in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank throughout the current war started by Hamas, and he doesn’t take kindly to know-it-all political commentators screeching about “genocide” and “two-state” solutions. In one of the most savage three minutes I’ve ever witnessed, Murray dismantled Uygur with facts and well-placed insults.

Here’s the first part of the clip for those that can’t watch.

MURRAY: But anyway, let me just get on with it. You say, first of all, you say I don’t care about the death of Palestinian children. Yes, I do care. I care very deeply. But I also know that the responsibility for their deaths lies on Hamas which has misgoverned their society for the last 16 years and now has been leading the country into being in a war with Israel. So yes, it’s on Hamas, this. 

As for seeing wars, by the way, I just mentioned about seeing wars because as far as I can see you’re very ill-traveled as well as very ill-letted and ill-spoken. And I mentioned that I cover wars and I go to wars because I happen to think myself that it’s worth seeing things with your own eyes, including things that you don’t particularly like, but you report the truth. I don’t know if you ever leave your own bedroom, but I can tell already that you don’t because you’ve already said something that demonstrates that you know nothing about this conflict. You have just demonstrated in the following terms. 

Ever the glutton for punishment, Uygur decided to come back for more later in the day. In an attempt to snap back at Murray, he proclaimed that only “genocide supporters” would perceive him as getting owned during the exchange. 

Where do I start? For one, there is no genocide occurring in Gaza. That word carries very specific connotations that are not being fulfilled during the current conflict. Civilians being killed is not a “genocide,” otherwise, every single war is a genocide, and Israel takes great pains to limit non-combatant deaths. 

If Israel wanted to commit genocide, there would be far more deaths than even Hamas is reporting. Instead, somewhere around 85 percent of Gaza is still standing, and civilians have been provided evacuation areas to avoid the fighting. A person who tacitly defends Hamas by claiming Israel is committing genocide is a person without a real argument. They are simply appealing to the emotions of the ignorant.

As to the notion that Murray’s takedown of Uygur was “fact-free,” that’s patently false. The former’s mention of Palestinians overwhelmingly supporting Hamas is absolutely true and has been shown by numerous polls since October 7th. The mention that there can be no two-state solution because there is no viable negotiating partner is also obviously true. Lastly, Murray was correct to note that Uygur’s outrage only shows up when he can criticize the Jews. When his fellow Muslims are murdering people in Africa or committing ethnic cleansing in Pakistan, the liberal has nothing to say. 

Murray did respond again, and his post was only the beginning. If you want to see the level of humiliation Uygur faced, go read the replies to his post.

Uygur is the perfect representation of the loud-mouthed, vapid far left. He’s calling for a “ceasefire” with a terrorist group that doesn’t want a ceasefire while stumping for giving that same terrorist group its own state. The level of idiocy it takes to support that position is hard to fathom. 

I’ll end by pointing out the fact that Uygur’s left-wing outlet, The Young Turks, is named after a group of people who committed actual genocide. He has never condemned them for it. So yeah, I think Murray is right that he just doesn’t like Jews.

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