RFK Jr. Executes Perfect Takedown of Sniveling Anti-Israel Host, ‘Should Have Resigned in Disgrace’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. faced off against Krystal Ball on her “Breaking Points” YouTube show on Monday, leading to a fiery exchange that the former won decisively. 

With all the knowledge of your average TikTok pro-Hamas supporter, Ball threw out talking point after talking point while Kennedy expertly took them apart. By the end she was so flustered that she was trying to change the subject. 

KENNEDY: Hamas is a criminal enterprise. 
BALL: Sure. 
KENNEDY: The Palestinians, and you talk about solutions for the Palestinians are arguably the most pampered people by international aid organizations in history. 
BALL: Are you kidding me? Even before this war 78 percent of people in Gaza said they had, you know, not enough to eat. 
KENNEDY: Why do you blame that on Israel?
BALL: In part, it’s Hamas. In part it’s the fact that Israel imposed a blockade and talked about “putting them on a diet.” 
KENNEDY: If your neighbor, first of all, Israel has no obligation. Israel built 3,000 hot houses and gave them for greenhouses. That would have made Gaza completely food self-sufficient. Gave it to them and offered to rebuild the Port of Gaza to make it the Singapore of the West. Hamas said no, we don’t want Jew money, we don’t want Jew ideas. 
And what do they do? The international aid agencies have given Hamas, have given Gaza, more than 10 times per capita than what we gave to all of Europe after the Marshall Plan. They’ve gotten $8,300 per capita, for every person in Gaza. We rebuilt Europe with $621 per capita, in Europe, and we rebuilt it. What did they do with that money? Instead of using it to make this, Gaza is this beautiful country, with white sand beaches, it should be a paradise. Hamas says we don’t want that. They take virtually all that money, and they steal it so the top five guys, the top five leaders of Hamas are billionaires. 
BALL: But Bobby, again, no one here is defending Hamas.
KENNEDY: Let me just finish, no, you are making a statement that is just wrong. It is not Israel’s fault that Gaza is poverty-stricken. Gaza should be one of the wealthiest states on the face of the planet. 
BALL: They have no control over their own territory (crosstalk) Israel controls everything that (crosstalk)
KENNEDY: No, if you go to war, why do you insist on blaming Israel instead of Hamas?

There’s more that I’ll get to in a moment, but I want to highlight the above exchange because it’s so informative about how just uninformed your average “pro-Palestinian” is. Ball tried to assert that Israel was somehow responsible for Gaza being destitute, but Kennedy came with the numbers showing just how “pampered” the Palestinians have been regarding international aid. I’m fairly certain that more aid per capita has been poured into Gaza and the West Bank than any other area on earth in the history of mankind. 

I’ve made that point before, it’s so prudent. Israel is not to blame for most Palestinians living in filth and squalor. The governments of those territories, whether Hamas or the PA, have wasted that money to promote terrorism and build terroristic infrastructure, which has ensured continued instability. The Palestinians themselves aren’t innocent, either. Polls continually show astronomical levels of support for Hamas and the killing of Jews. 

It was not a “blockade” that hampered Gaza (and the Rafah Crossing with Egypt is not controlled by Israel). It was Hamas’ choice to waste billions upon billions of dollars of international aid to enrich its leadership and wage war. As Kennedy goes on to explain, Hamas has broken every single peace agreement Israel has agreed to, including the one that was in force on October 6th. 

The best part of the interview was at the end, though, after Ball tried to change the subject. Kennedy delivered this response.

KENNEDY” If Mexico attacked us, and we built a fence, would you blame us for caging in Mexico? I don’t know what it is, but everything in your mind says to blame Israel instead of blaming Hamas.

Thank you. I’m glad someone of some notoriety finally said it. It is not inhumane for a nation to build a fence between its nation and bloodthirsty terrorists. The fence is there out of necessity because Hamas operatives have continually abused whatever free travel has existed between Israel and Gaza. To claim that those in Gaza are caged in is not only false (Egpyt could open the Rafah Crossing outside of Israeli influence), it ignores that the barriers are there due to repeated attacks from Hamas and other terrorist groups. 

Ball is clueless. She’s the embodiment of every too-online pro-Hamas supporter who pretends to be “pro-Palestinian.” Kennedy may be a liberal, but he never enters a debate without stats and figures. He was ready, and Ball wasn’t. That’s why all she had was crosstalk and trying to move on. 

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