John Fetterman Announces He’s ‘Not a Progressive,’ and the Meltdown Is Incredible

In early December, the Babylon Bee put out one of its better headlines of the year. It targeted Sen. John Fetterman, poking fun at his recent right-ward shift on a variety of issues. 

Apparently, the Bee is going to need to improve its satire because Fetterman is doing his best to make that headline a reality. As RedState reported, he’s already taken right-leaning positions on Israel and the bribery scandal engulfing Sen. Bob Menendez. I don’t just mean he’s put out a statement either. He’s repeatedly expressed his viewpoints in a variety of media venues, including going on The View and facing the screeching of Sonny Hostin and company.

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More recently, though, Fetterman took things a step further by coming out in support of tighter immigration restrictions, criticizing the disastrous situation at the border. And if that wasn’t enough to send the far left into fits of rage, he’s now proclaiming that he’s not a “progressive.”

Fetterman goes on to say that he supports a compromise bill that addresses the border crisis in conjunction with foreign aid, which has been the Republican approach to the issue for weeks. I’m not saying the guy isn’t still a left-winger, but he’s certainly shifted dramatically away from the more insane factions of the Democratic Party. How do I know? Because they are melting down over it. 

One of the above posters calls him “Sinema 2.0,” as if that’s a bad thing. I’ll take a Kyrsten Sinema-style Democrat over a regular Democrat any day of the week. Fetterman has his office for the next five years, so any moderation is good news for conservatives. 

It may be bad news for Bob Casey, though, the other Democrat senator from Pennsylvania who faces a tough re-election bid in 2024. Fetterman is making Casey look like the weak, pathetic, down-the-line Democrat that he is. Hopefully, Pennsylvanians take note of which one of their senators has the guts to take common sense positions in the face of far-left demands and which one doesn’t. 

Returning to Fetterman himself, whether he was always like this and we all just missed it, or whether he’s just had a change of heart on several issues, it’s a welcome development. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

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