Maye Musk Joins FCC Commissioner In Slamming Biden Administration’s Latest Harassment of Elon

The Biden administration has stirred up more controversy with their latest move against Elon Musk. 

On Tuesday the five-member Federal Communications Commission affirmed a prior decision to deny Musk’s SpaceX access to $886 million in subsidies as part of a program to increase rural internet service. 

The FCC, led by Democrat-appointed chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, claimed that SpaceX’s Starlink “failed to demonstrate that it could deliver the promised service.”

But FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr dissented from the decision, saying, “Biden gave federal agencies the green light to go after” Musk after he took over Twitter/X. He released a statement laying out what he saw as the pattern of Biden targeting Musk with harassment by a variety of government agencies, and that the FCC was adding itself to the list. 

Carr reminded people about Biden standing at a White House podium and stating that Elon Musk “is worth being looked at.”

When asked “How?”, President Biden responded “There’s a lot of ways.”

There certainly are. The DOJ, FAA, FTC, NLRB, SDNY, & FWS have all taken action.

The FCC now joins them.

Another GOP Commissioner, Nathan Simington, agreed that the decision was wrong, saying the rest of the FCC was “improperly holding SpaceX to 2025 performance benchmarks three years ahead of time.”

Musk also blasted the decision, saying it doesn’t make sense since Starlink is the only company “actually solving rural broadband at scale.” 

He said that instead, the government’s goal is to prevent Starlink from even competing. 

And now they’ve poked the bear. The Mama Bear, that is. Elon’s mother, Maye Musk, weighed in with a pointed comment about Joe Biden. 

This is going to cost SpaceX a lot of money, and once again, it shows the things that Musk put at risk by standing up for freedom on X.

Republicans need to put a stop to this targeted bureaucratic harassment, although I suspect this won’t end until a Republican president comes in and cleans house. Such a bold use of government power should never be leveled against a citizen because they dare to challenge who controls the narrative.

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