Israel Takes Out Commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion After Previously Eliminating His Predecessor

Israel Defense Forces announced on social media Sunday night that they had “eliminated” Emad Krikae, commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion, in an operation with the Israeli Air Force and the Israel Security Agency (also known as Shin Bet).

After the elimination of the previous commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion Krikae assumed the position. Previously, he was Deputy Commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion and responsible for anti-tank missile training in the Gaza City Brigade.

Krikae hadn’t been on the job long, as had had recently replaced the previous commander, who had been killed earlier in the conflict

Military sources noted that since 2019, Emad Krikae held the position of deputy commander of the Shejaiya battalion within Hamas. Previously, he was responsible for the preparation of anti-tank rockets in the Gaza brigade.
Krikae also participated in firing anti-tank rockets and terrorist raids carried out on Israeli territory.

According to Israel National News, “precise IDF and ISA intelligence” helped the IAF target Kirkae in an airstrike in Gaza. 

Hamas has been suffering many setbacks at the hands of the Israelis lately, with numerous terrorists surrendering in recent days. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that it was “the beginning of the end of Hamas.” 

The terror group/political operation continues its bellicose rhetoric, however, with the spokesman of its military wing threatening Sunday to kill all the remaining hostages if Israel doesn’t mean its demands:

“Neither the fascist enemy and its arrogant leadership… nor its supporters… can take their prisoners alive without an exchange and negotiation and meeting the demands of the resistance…
“We have no choice but to fight this barbaric occupier in every neighbourhood, street and alley,” he said.
“The enemy’s holocaust aims to break the strength of our resistance… but we are fighting on our land in a holy battle.”

Despite their bravado, the war is not going their way, and if they keep losing commanders at this rate, it’s going to be difficult to continue to attempt to fend off the IDF. The job of commander of the Shejaiya Battalion is definitely not a desirable position, given the life expectancy of those who hold the title. 

Read RedState’s extensive reporting on the Israel-Hamas war here.

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