Biden’s Latest Campaign Remarks Should Make People Run Out…and Vote for the GOP

One could reduce Joe Biden’s “campaign” so far to one word: lethargic. I’m not sure what they are going to do to change the sense of the American people that he’s too old and shouldn’t be running. So far, they’ve just sent him out to protected campaign reception environments, and he hasn’t been doing anything where he’s going to get a big challenge or be truly taxed to explain himself. He’s not doing anything that’s going to move that needle. 

We’ve seen his team is at a bit of a loss. They had been pushing “Bidenomics” as a “thing,” thinking that they could pitch his “success” that way. Instead, it just became a brand name for his failure on the economy, so much so that Democrats are reportedly running away from it in DCCC press releases. There were also reports that Biden had stopped using the term during his remarks.

When they don’t know what to say anymore and people aren’t buying what they do say, you know they’re in trouble. 

Biden went on the “Rickey Smiley” radio show, probably in an effort to shore up support with black voters in the face of a poll that says 22 percent may be going for former President Donald Trump. 

He did that pandering bit that he does where he becomes everything to everybody, depending on who the audience is. He told Smiley how he was “raised” by the HBCU Delaware State University. But he went to the University of Delaware, not Delaware State. 

He was “raised” there when he wasn’t in the black church, the schul, or driving that 18-wheeler. 

But check out Biden’s new campaign pitch. This isn’t exactly inspiring. In fact, it may just make Americans run out and vote for Republicans. 

“I know everybody’s frustrated, even though, you know, like I said, we’ve made great progress compared to where we were. … there’s still a lot that’s not being taken care of”

Did Joe Biden forget he was in charge? 

The problem is he hasn’t made great progress: Everything has gotten worse since he came in; everything is more expensive, from groceries to gas, and interest rates are so high they’re making buying a home cost-prohibitive for many. Meanwhile, the border has gotten out of control, endangering the safety of our nation, and foreign policy has blown up into multiple wars when, under Trump, we had no new wars. 

Biden hasn’t improved anything. Where’s the progress? The only “progress” has been in increased prices for everything. And yes, we know there’s still a lot that’s not being taken care of — by him, while he spends almost 40 percent of his time on vacation. 

The problem for him is that everyone knows that. Everyone knows they had it better, with more money in their pocket and greater peace under Trump. That explains why Biden just keeps bombing in the polls.

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