Report: Furious Palestinians Curse Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza; ‘Explosion’ Possible

Palestinians who have been displaced by the war between Hamas terrorists and Israel are cursing local Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, blaming him for their fate as they run out of food and water, according to a report via an Israeli Telegram channel.

Abu Ali Express, a Telegram account that translates Arabic media into Hebrew, published a report about interviews on an Arabic radio station that is based in the Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank. The station, Aalam (“World”), talked to Palestinian civilians who were seeking shelter in front of a United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school in Rafah, a town that is at the southernmost end of the Gaza Strip, near the Egyptian border.

The residents blamed Hamas, not Israel, for their suffering:

“I want to convey a message to the Hamas government: May Allah take revenge on you… May Allah curse you and curse your father’s father and curse the one who brought you into the world. May Allah curse Yahya Sinwar. You son of a dog… You destroyed us…” (The broadcaster tries to calm down the conversation after the swearing)

At this point, another resident bursts into the broadcast with an angry message to Sinwar: “Say hello to the prisoners, the dogs you have…” (There are criticisms in Gaza that even the dog Bella of one of the abductees was given better conditions than the Gazans outside Israel)
And the resident adds: “No one appreciates what is happening with us and our situation. Only Allah knows what our situation is. Sinwar and Mohammed Deif are hiding underground.”

The reference to the dog alludes to Bella, a dog hidden by 17-year-old hostage Mia Leimberg, who was released last week.

Earlier this week, social media also showed Palestinian residents throwing rocks at thieves — perhaps Hamas terrorists, or ordinary criminal gang members — who were looting humanitarian aid trucks that had been delivered to the Gaza Strip.

Abu Ali Express adds a warning to Israeli authorities, one the channel has repeated in recent days, noting that the angry Palestinian residents do not see a solution to their lack of food, water, medicine, and shelter: ” Israel must channel these enormous energies … otherwise it could blow up in its face. The situation in the southern Gaza Strip is on the verge of an explosion.”

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