Circle Back: Jen Psaki Runs for the Hills When Ted Cruz Challenges Her

The left’s favorite girl bosses are running for the hills in the face of a challenge from Ted Cruz. The Texas requested to appear with Jen Psaki on MSNBC and with the ladies of The View on ABC. In both cases, he was denied. 

Curtis Houck over at Newsbusters has the exclusive. 

But, wait, there’s more! NewsBusters can exclusively report Team Cruz reached out to MSNBC host and former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to see if she would be interested in crossing the aisle. Back in April following the launch of Inside, she said wanted “Republicans on the show” if they “agree and feel comfortable” having “a real, valid conversation.” Alas, Psaki’s talk was cheap as she too passed.
In the case of The View, NewsBusters can report that Cruz’s team reached out not once or twice, but three times. On all three occasions, they passed. During one exchange, a lemming at The View (which must be a depressing job) replied that they were “not able to make an offer at this time, but will definitely be in touch if anything changes.”

Why would Psaki turn down the offer by Cruz? If there’s one thing he always does in his television appearances, it’s engaging in a “real, valid conversation.” He’s not a bomb thrower or a name-caller. He’s a lawyer, and he gives interviews like one, detailing his points and responding with evidence.

One might consider that Psaki has lived in a protective bubble for most of her career in the public eye. As press secretary for the Biden administration, she received almost nothing but fawning praise from reporters. She also got to control the narrative from the podium, with an ability to simply not answer questions she didn’t find appealing. It’s easy to appear tough when you don’t allow any challengers. 

Is it any wonder Ginger Goebbels doesn’t want any part of Cruz? Better to read a teleprompter every show, ranting about Trump’s coming dictatorship than to engage and defend said rantings. Psaki doesn’t want that smoke. 

As to The View, we all know why they don’t want Cruz back on. He took them apart the last time he appeared on the show, even getting Whoopi Goldberg to proclaim that Trump stole the 2016 election. He also roasted “Bidenomics,” admittedly, not a difficult task.

Besides, you can bet neither the ladies of The View nor Psaki want to have a real argument over the revelations of Biden being paid by his son’s company or the fact that a Democrat senator allegedly accepted bribes in gold bars. Remember this the next time any of them cry about how Republicans won’t appear on their shows. 

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  1. Thanks!
    The patriotic news.
    It’s feels so good to read this article.
    We need more 10 times of Sen.Ted Cruz.
    Not backing down!
    Fight against the arrogant bullies dictators biden administration.
    Fight hard till they are down down Down!
    Do to them what they do to us.
    Fight! Fire for fire ice for ice fist for fist tooth for tooth.
    Brimstones for Brimstones !
    Victory to conservatives GOD WILL PREVAIL.

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