White House Attempts Clean Up After Bizarre Biden Tweet

Late Tuesday night a tweet posted on Joe Biden’s Twitter account regarding the ongoing Hamas war against Israel caused confusion and backlash. 

The Tweet, or “X”, indicated the White House is now pushing for a permanent ceasefire after the terrorist group slaughtered thousands of civilians and still holds women and children hostage, including Americans. 

Within hours of the tweet being posted, White House officials attempted to clarify that the tweet was not a “change in policy.” From Jewish Insider

For several hours on Tuesday night, a tweet from President Joe Biden’s campaign account put observers of the Israel-Hamas war on high alert. The three sentences came from a speech Biden gave on Saturday about the hostage releases. 
But read on their own, it was unclear to many whether Biden was outlining a policy shift — and whether he was, for the first time, embracing progressive activists’ calls for a ceasefire. 
But a senior Biden administration official told Jewish Insider that the White House’s support for Israel and its military campaign against Hamas remains unwavering, and that “this is not a change in policy,” noting that it came from a longer speech.

It is day six of an extended, six day ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. Hamas has broken the deal multiple times by attacking Israeli Defense Forces troops in the Gaza Strip, launching rockets at Israeli civilians, separating mothers from their children and much more. Israel is currently in talks with Qatar and Egypt to potentially extend the ceasefire again in order to force the release of additional hostages. Since the ceasefire started late last week, only one American has been released. 

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