WATCH: Woke Screws Come Loose As Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Melts Down During Border Crisis Presser

I think it’s safe to say that red states like Texas and Florida with high concentrations of illegal immigrants deciding to have them bused to Democrat-run cities/states across the country has had the intended effect of raising awareness at a national level about the dire nature of the issue, with even high-profile Democrats like New York Gov. Kathy Hochul admitting in so many words that the situation at the southern border is unsustainable.

Perhaps in no other blue city is this crisis playing out more than in Chicago, where Democrats who were frustrated over Lori Lightfoot’s disastrous time in office threw her out and voted to put Brandon Johnson in place instead.

As non-woke types predicted, however, Johnson has – incredibly – been even worse than Lightfoot, with a soft-on-crime approach to teen repeat offenders and an incoherent strategy for dealing with the illegal immigrant influx that has frustrated residents beyond belief, leading to some rather heated public meetings. 

Now six months into his tenure as mayor, Johnson is facing some of the worst approval ratings of any Chicago mayor in modern history. And as a result, he’s doing what any good little woke Democrat would do: Blame so-called “right-wing extremists/racists” for his failed leadership of the Windy City.

During a press conference Tuesday on the illegal immigrant crisis and what the city plans to do about it, Johnson melted down after a question from a reporter. His answer included bizarre references to white Republicans allegedly being mad about losing the Civil War, upset over a “black man being free,” and there was also a quote from a Beyonce song thrown in there for good measure:

QUESTION: Would you want some limits placed on the flow of migrants from other cities and states?
CHICAGO MAYOR BRANDON JOHNSON: It has to be better coordination. What we have seen is a raggedy form instituted by right-wing extremism. Everyone knows that the right-wing extremism in this country has targetted Democratically-ran cities and quite frankly, they’ve been very intentional about going after Democratically-ran cities that are led by people of color.
Their whole motivation is to create disruption and chaos because that’s what this particular party has been about. This is the same political party that did not want to accept that President Obama was actually an American. It’s the same Republican right-wing extremism that stormed the Capitol. It’s the same right-wing extremism that refuses to accept the results of the Civil War. It’s raggedy. It’s disrespectful it’s mean-spirited. It’s an unclean spirit, quite frankly.
When the Ukrainian refugees found their way to the shores of America there were 30,000 of them right here in the city of Chicago and you don’t hear a word about it because it was coordinated. There was federal dollars that were attached to those families and so to your question, yes it has to be better coordinated. As far as limitations we have to have parameters that respect the dignity of families who want to call Chicago their home right.
It is abysmal and it’s an affront for everything that is good about this country, for the extremism in this country to use people as political tools to settle political scores for something that happened 400 years ago. They’re still mad that a black man is free in this country. This is nothing new. But aren’t you glad that the soul of Chicago won’t be broken and those are the words of, uh, I think Beyonce, you won’t break our soul.


Johnson’s comments, in my opinion, speak for themselves with not much of an explainer/rebuttal needed. The race card has been trotted out by Democrats of all colors repeatedly over the last several decades when their backs have been against the wall and they couldn’t defend themselves and their failed policy positions any other way, and Johnson’s desperate, tiresome tirade is no exception to that rule.

It’s sad and pathetic really, but this is one of those “you get what you vote for” things. If the citizens of Chicago want change for the better, the first place they can start is by owning up to the damage they’ve done in continuing to elect far-left, identity-politics-obsessed Democrats in the first place. They had a chance to elect a somewhat sane Democrat in the run-off election in April but failed to do so, and this is the result.

People can expect the deterioration of Democrat-run cities like Chicago to continue as long as voters put in place the exact kind of “leaders” who facilitate the downfall. It’s just that simple.

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  1. Face it Johnson you aren’t qualified to be a mayor of a place bigger than a village of over ten people. Its your insane policies like all the rest of the blue states and cities that makes you a failure. Own up to your incompetence and quit blaming conservatives for your failure. For your information it was democrats that tried to keep slavery, to stop blacks from voting creating Jim crow laws, for the KKK for being the true racists even now. Why do you think they try keeping black families beholden to them, promising them the moon then forgetting about them until the next election after they have tricked blacks into voting for them. Johnson needs to own up to his ineptness and quit blaming others especially conservatives and whites because his party is a catastrophe.

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