Frightening: Students Rampage Thru High School to Hunt Down Teacher for Going to Pro-Israel Rally

We learned about the 1930s and pogroms in school, but we’re seeing some of the same things developing in realtime, as a frightening incident in New York City makes clear. 

Students at Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, Queens learned that one of their Jewish teachers had attended a pro-Israel rally and held up an “I stand with Israel” sign because they saw it on her Facebook. 

“The teacher was seen holding a sign of Israel, like supporting it,” a senior told The Post this week.

“A bunch of kids decided to make a group chat, expose her, talk about it, and then talk about starting a riot.”

Check that “expose her” — for being supportive of a country attacked by terrorists, who just had more than 1200 people murdered and citizens kidnapped. They planned a riot. 

They then carried out the riot inside the high school. They “ran amok,” rampaging through the hallways, jumping and shouting, and waving Palestinian flags. 

They then tried to get into the teacher’s classroom, screaming “Free Palestine!” and “[The teacher] needs to go!” Staffers had to block them from getting into the classroom. The staff had figured out what the students planned just in time to rush the teacher into a locked office where she could hide.

The students also posted TikTok videos of their rioting and praised each other, one even calling the teacher a “cracker a** b**ch.”  The person who used that term termed the teacher’s support of Israel “hate.” Another said “Zionists” shouldn’t be teaching anyone and shouldn’t be around children, since they liked to bomb them. You can see a couple of the videos here and here, it looks crazy. One even has the antisemitic “From the river to the sea” plastered across it.  These kids need a serious education. 

The NYPD not only sent a couple dozen cops to restore order, but tapped its counterterrorism bureau to investigate a possible threat against the school, according to City Councilman James Gennaro (D-Queens), citing officials. 

“Whether it was one student or multiple students who did or said something, whatever the trigger was, something happened. And I know from my many years on the City Council that the counterterrorism task force is not engaged unless they believe it is potentially a serious situation,” Gennaro said.

Police had to escort the teacher out of the building while staff struggled to get all the students back in the classrooms. This is the frightening stuff of pogroms when you have mobs acting like this. 

Students told the Post that that other students had tracked down where she lived, her phone number, even her family and had called her up and said “bad things.” 

The teacher said she’d taught there for seven years and “was shaken to my core by the calls to violence against me that occurred online and outside my classroom last week.” “No one should ever feel unsafe at school,” the teacher said. 

It’s not clear what consequences the students will face yet for this horrifying action although”at least three students who organized the riot face superintendent’s suspensions, the most severe punishment,” a source said.


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  1. Rioting either is or should be an arrestable offense. Those students should be called out for domestic terrorism. What those morons did was a hate crime in itself and they should be dealt with harshly. The whole problem is those mush brain fools backing Palestine are worse than the Nazis of the third reich. Freedom of speech and religion no longer remain in this country because of the liberal mind set. That teacher had just as much right to stand for Israel as the out of control Palestine rioters who tried to hunt her down and more than likely done her harm.

  2. The so-called “kids or students” are no longer that. They have chosen to step out of their role as students to become “racist, antisemitic rioters” hellbent on doing who-knows-what to a teacher whose offense was having a different opinion, a different loyalty than that of the young savages? How would this have ended? What controls do a pack of demonized dogs have over themselves when they chose to no longer live and act by reason but by their base emotions. Absolutely they should be prosecuted by the legal system, but I expect to hear, if we are updated with any information that these savages will be given something akin to a three-day vacation at home, a pat on the head and an insipid admonishment as if they are “only children.” No, they are not children. They have promoted themselves into adults and are now criminalized and should be so treated. (For the record: I state for all to know that I am not Jewish. I am of Christian Lebanese descent. Since childhood I have known Right from Wrong and have been able to discern the difference between the Aggressor and the Victim. I stand with Israel, the Israelis and the Jewish People.)

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