Hamas Breaks Ceasefire Agreement and Refuses to Release Hostages, Israel Responds

Hamas has officially broken the ceasefire deal and is refusing to release the next group of hostages. The terrorist government is claiming multiple things, including that not enough aid trucks were allowed to enter Northern Gaza. 

Of note is that such a condition was not part of the deal, which means Hamas is actively breaking the agreement. Also of note is that aid trucks were allowed to enter Northern Gaza some hours prior to this news. 

Still, Hamas is claiming that Israel has violated the ceasefire, and the latest hostage release has been delayed. 

This is who Hamas is. This is what Hamas was always going to do. There was never any real chance of this four-day ceasefire and hostage deal going off without a hitch. The terrorists in Gaza have more to gain by playing games than by abiding by the terms, largely because they know they have the backing of the global press if Israel now retaliates. 

Still, Israel must retaliate, and they’ve already laid down an ultimatum.

What Hamas is trying to do right now is push the envelope. Its leaders want to get everything they can while the door is still cracked open and the bombs have stopped dropping. If they can get extra aid trucks, which will be stolen by terrorists, they’ll do that. If they can force the release of more convicted murderers and attempted murderers, they’ll do that. 

That should not be allowed, though. If Hamas doesn’t follow through as demanded, hostilities should resume and they should not cease until the terrorist government no longer exists. There should be no second chances if the hostages aren’t handed over at midnight. That is the scam Hamas has gotten away with over and over throughout the decades. 

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