Pro-Hamas Lunatics Who Blocked Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Did Something Even Worse Afterward

The pro-Hamas faction within the United States wants to take away everything you care about, and that manifested on Thursday when a deranged mob blocked the path of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

As RedState reported, the parade was forced to take an alternate path when “protesters” drenched in red paint glued themselves to the pavement. It was not immediately clear how many were actually arrested. We do know that not all of them were because their rampage continued afterward. 

According to multiple photos published on social media, the pro-Hamas lunatics made their way to the New York Public Library where they proceeded to desecrate a memorial to Jewish man Stephen Schwarzman. They also vandalized other parts of the library, scrolling “Free Gaza” and “Free Palestine” on signage. Of note is that “Palestine” does not exist as a nation and never has. 

What other evidence do we need that this isn’t about peaceful Muslims just seeking a secular utopia? It is clear that this is about the “Palestinian” pursuit of genocide against Jews, and they keep telling everyone that. Why else would they go out of their way to partially destroy a memorial to a man whose only sin is being Jewish? That wasn’t a memorial to the State of Israel they threw red paint on and scrawled “free Palestine” on. 

Understand that these people do not want to assimilate and live in unity. They want to conquer. Unable to do so militarily, Islamists have settled on activism as a means to enact their will, and they’ve found willing allies in naive, vapid leftists who see everything through the prism of the oppressed and the oppressor. It doesn’t matter that no entity in history has oppressed and colonized more people than Islam. Muslims are generally poor and generally not white (at least not in the contemporary sense). Thus, according to liberal orthodoxy, they garner a high-ranking position on the intersectional hierarchy. 

Of course, all of this is only possible because governments continue to coddle this kind of behavior. Why were these people allowed to continue their rampage after blocking the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? They should have all been arrested and slapped with charges on the spot, preferably ones that carry a prison sentence. Instead, places like New York City chose not to enforce the law, and that only emboldens more lawlessness. This is all boiling over, and it’s dangerous. Things are going to end badly if things don’t change.

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