WATCH: Virulently Anti-Trump Leftist Actor Michael Rapaport Explains Why Voting for Trump Now on Table

We’ve certainly seen some intense hatred from Never Trump folks over the last few years. 

But there have been few people as virulently anti-Trump as actor and comedian Michael Rapaport. He has been quite fond of cursing out former President Donald Trump in the past and he still is doing so. But given how he has attacked Trump in the past, what he had to say about Trump this week on his podcast was quite something and immediately went viral on X.  

Warning for graphic language:

“If it comes down to Pig D*ck Donald Trump and Smoking Joe Biden, I’m sorry, I am sorry,”  Rapaport declared. “Voting for Pig D*ck Donald Trump is on the table.” He said that he was still going to curse Trump out, “but we need to get this whole f**king situation under control.” 

 It’s gross that he uses terms like that.

He’s nuts, but when you’ve lost even him, you know that there are a whole lot of other people who are less crazy that you’ve also lost along the way. That’s how terrible things are under Joe Biden. 

What is it that has caused Rapaport to flip? What is his issue with Joe Biden, and what does he think that Biden has let get out of control? 

One issue is the radical anti-Israel protests that have gotten out of control and revealed how crazy a lot of folks on the left are. He’s one of those on the left who suddenly realizes that some of the folks on his side are nuts. 

He ripped the antisemitism, stating, “The openly anti-Jewish comments online, ripping down posters, ‘F— the Jews,’ ‘Hitler this, that and the third’ – Hitler’s your hero? You love Hitler? You think he was dope? F— you! You think Hamas is dope? F— you!”

He’s gone off on the Squad for their remarks. 

Last month, Rapaport ripped Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Ilhan Omar, D-Mo., and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., after they urged a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas and some of them accused Israel of bombing a hospital in Gaza. 

Rapaport wrote on X, “Take down that f—ing bulls—, you f—ing Jew haters. You hate the Jews. You’ve always hated the Jews. It’s been one of your agendas to perpetuate Jew hate. Take down your f—ing fake news tweets. Rescind your f—ing comments, rescind your f—ing fake news statements. You’re in government you motherf—ers!”

But it’s not just the radical anti-Israel extremists. 

Here’s a longer clip of him railing against the ripping down of the American flag on Veterans Day (the night before), but then he rips apart Joe Biden for the economy as well.

Warning for graphic language: 

Try to buy a house or a car and you won’t need to get a colonoscopy, he says, because interest rates are so bad. He’s certainly right on target with that. Not to mention the “chaos in this country, the chaos around the world.” 

What’s fascinating about this is his implicit belief that this wouldn’t happen under Trump. Even he gets that things were better under Trump. 

Rapaport even posted a video of the Fox story about what he said and had a huge laugh about it, as they noted that Biden might just want to wrap it up now, if he’s lost Rapaport. 

Warning for graphic language:

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