Oops: This BBC ‘Correction’ is an Embarrassing All-Timer

We’ll get to the eye-popping correction below, but first, some background.  Earlier in the week, we highlighted an exchange on the BBC, in which an anchor scoffed how “convenient” it is that Israel often claims civilian-seeming targets in Gaza are being attacked because they’ve been exploited and infiltrated by Hamas terrorists.  His Israeli guest patiently but firmly explained the established facts to his haughty inquisitor — who couldn’t seem to imagine that, for instance, United Nations facilities would ever be used in such a way, or that the UN might harbor any sort of anti-Israel agenda.  Back in reality, the record is quite clear, unfortunately.  This is the United Nations:

This is how Hamas takes full advantage of UN cover: 

The UN finally investigated the Palestinian storing of rockets in UNRWA schools and their use of the schools to launch rockets against Israel, all of which constitute grave violations of the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law. Key findings gleaned from the UN report: Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad stored rockets in UNRWA schools. The board found, in the case of the UNRWA Jabalia Elementary “C” and Ayyobiya Boys School, referring to the discovery of weapons there on 22 July 2014, that “it was highly likely that a Palestinian armed group might have used the premises to hide weapons.” Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad stored rockets in schools that were in active use by children…Hamas and/or Islamic Jihad fired rockets from UNRWA schools. In the Jabalia school listed above, the board found that “it was highly likely that an unidentified Palestinian armed group could have used the school premises to launch attacks on or around 14 July.” 

This is what’s taught at UN schools in Gaza:

And this is who’s doing the teaching and administrating:

Is it any surprise that the hate-indoctrinated children turn out with views like this?

A sick culture.  As we’ve once again learned just in the last few days, Hamas affirmatively and habitually does use hospitals as terrorism bases.  It does so intentionally, cynically, and lethally, as a matter of policy:

Independent US confirmation, just as we saw when the ‘hospital bombing’ lie was debunked last month.  Israel is going above and beyond any reasonable rules of war in order to protect the innocent patients Hamas deliberately places in harm’s way:

This isn’t just the appalling reality right now; Hamas has been engaged in such disgraceful tactics for years:

In reference to the ‘above and beyond’ approach mentioned above, Israeli forces have bent over backward to preserve innocent life.  But that’s not how the BBC reported it to an international audience.  They botched this so badly, they were forced to issue an on-air correction.  It’s a real doozy:

I wonder how she drew the short straw to have to read that one out loud.  Perhaps this was an innocent mistake.  Or perhaps it was virulent anti-Israel fanatics at the venerable British broadcaster quickly glancing at the Reuters report and falsely filling in the mental blanks, based on their own pre-existing biases and rooting interests.  Of course Israel would be targeting medical staff and Arabic speakers.  Put that on the air right now!  What a humiliation.  Relatedly, please enjoy this epic satirical BBC segment from an Israeli comedy show:

I laughed hardest when the BBC ‘host’ invented the novel theory that the kidnapped Israeli baby was actually torturing the Hamas terrorist being interviewed — and the terrorist was astounded by the inventive spin before immediately embracing it (“Wha–YES!”).  I’ll leave you with a different “news” organization running away from an interview that didn’t go the way they wanted it to:

It is really brave for Palestinians to criticize Hamas, on television, inside Gaza.  But some of them are doing it.

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