Democrats Decry the Violent Monster They Created, Rep. Mike Collins Hilariously Sets the Record Straight

On Wednesday evening, a gang of hundreds of pro-Hamas protesters surrounded and attempted to storm the Democratic National Committee building in Washington, D.C. 

Things quickly devolved into a riot, with at least six USCP officers injured. In the end, a single arrest was made. Apparently, that one guy did a lot of damage. Am I making my sarcasm too obvious?

In response, Democrats decried the attack. That includes Rep. Brad Sherman, who was part of the contingent evacuated from the DNC once the doors were cleared. He mentions that the rioters were trying to break into the building and pepper-spraying police officers. The second post in this thread is most revealing, though.

Here’s what Sherman doesn’t want to face as he tries to deflect to Republicans: He and his party created these maniacs. They made a deal with the devil, supporting antisemites like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Instead of speaking out against their growing influence, people like Sherman stood by, content to use the boom in popularity on the deranged far-left to win elections.

What did Democrats think would happen? Did they really think they could control the lunatics in their midst? Did they think members of “the squad” were kidding when they started espousing communist ideals and talking about America as if they were mullahs in Iran?

Let me make it clear for Sherman. Those rioters trying to break into the DNC are not secret conservatives lashing out in the hope that they help Republicans. They are full-throated, far-left Democrats who wouldn’t pull the lever for a GOP candidate if their lives depended on it. They are members of Sherman’s party, and the cowardice of him and his cohorts is why they exist in real numbers. 

On that point, Rep. Mike Collins set the record straight.

Say it again for those in the back who didn’t hear and are still confused. The violent mobs terrorizing America are supporters of Democrats. If Sherman truly cared about that, he’d stand up for what’s right and pointedly denounce what’s going on and who is causing it. Instead, he chose the path of passive-aggressive partisanship, snarking about Republicans, and the results will continue to be predicable. Feed the alligator, and get eaten by the alligator. It’s not a difficult concept.


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  1. I was in Bahrain 2001 9/11 happened.
    I was watching ALJAZERA network.
    I saw the plane crushing into the NY twin buildings.
    I was confused..what is happening?
    Is this real?
    I asked my self.
    I dropped my coffee cup.. yes it was real as hell.
    So agonizing to watch.
    We got orders from our base command..DELTA!
    Secure our residence.
    Stay safe get ready be prepared.
    The Palestinian marching on the Bahrain Main Street
    Waving their evil flags.
    They are shouting DEATH TO AMERICA!
    The women Palestinian kinda make noise fluffing their tongues yodelin yodel!
    The Palestinian were dancing and singing and celebrating the misfortune of the twin buildings and the horror and death of thousands of Americans.
    So evil Palestinians.
    They taught their children at the age of 3 to hate Americans Death to America!
    Death to Israel .
    Blood thirsty Palestinian to drink Israel blood like kosher,
    Try broke down and destroyed American and British businesses buildings.
    McDonald got severely damaged.
    Woolworth store was broken down to pieces.
    Bahrain tried to save their western businesses they put out signs OWNED BY BAHRAIN 🇧🇭 HIS MAJESTY.
    So will skip that building.
    Palestinian people are cursed!
    They will always be who they are.
    The Bible says so.
    Palestinian will always be there to antagonize Israel and her best allies the USA.

  2. The next day we are heading to our group housing to stay together ready for evac.
    Palestinians terrorists would check and stop every cars. They would asked if we are American?
    We low our profile .
    OR ..We are Asian!
    We don’t make eye contact.
    It was so scary it was like death.. hovering us.
    We all American have the same feelings like a cold in our spine.
    But we hope the king of Bahrain will buffer us.
    Here in the USA now this people who support’s Palestinian ….has no ideas that they are supporting the children of Satan , the blood thirsty terrorists .
    They are highly motivated to kill Israel and Americans.
    It’s their Alah akbahr!

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