WATCH: Trump Flipped Off by Bill Burr’s Wife at UFC 295

Former President Donald Trump received a tremendous welcome from the audience as he entered Madison Square Garden on Saturday night for UFC 295. He was accompanied by a notable entourage, including Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson, Dana White, and his son Donald Trump Jr.

Video from the event shows the crowd going wild upon Trump’s arrival.

As much as the New York crowd appeared to be very friendly to Donald Trump, at least one person wasn’t so thrilled. While Trump was still reacting to the crowd’s cheers, actress and producer Nia Renée Hill, the wife of comedian Bill Burr,   flashes both of her middle fingers at Trump upon realizing that the cameras are on them because Trump is standing in front of them. 

Bill Burr has been outspoken against cancel culture and has been critical of transgender ideology. However, he’s also a self-described lefty and most certainly doesn’t like Trump. Yet he sat there stoically as Trump basked in the cheers from the crowd.

Some conservatives have been critical of Nia Renée Hill for her lack of class, and there’s certainly a case to be made that if her husband could appear neutral on camera then so could she. But admit it: if you were in the same situation with Joe Biden, you’d probably flip him the bird, too.

I know I probably would.

As of this writing, neither Nia Renée Hill nor Bill Burr has addressed the incident on social media. 


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  1. I see TPN apparently deleted my prior comment. I guess they’re doing what some social media sites have been doing–keeping conservative voices from being heard by deleting them.

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