Gal Gadot to Screen IDF Footage of Hamas Atrocities, Leftists Already Losing It

Actress Gal Gadot is looking to bring the severity of what Hamas did well into public awareness by screening the footage captured by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on October 7. 

According to i24News, the Israeli actress is going to show the accumulated 47 minutes of footage provided by the IDF to an invite-only audience which will include celebrities and prominent figures. The film was first brought forward by Oscar-winning director Guy Nattiv who gave Gadot and her husband, Yaron Varasno, credit for making airing the film in the States possible. 

“As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of October 7 would not be forgotten, and the world would see them,” said Nattiv. “Because now the denial begins – it is a fake, it is not a fake (…) We cannot pass by in silence.”

He also wants a diverse audience including, “People who have film experience, so we can show them this crazy document that is reminiscent of the films created about the Holocaust.” 

The film will start with a single screening for 120 people, with plans to open up more screenings should the film generate any interest according to i24. 

The likelihood of it generating buzz is high, as the footage cuts through the media censorship and shows what happened: 

The video’s content is known to be deeply disturbing. The footage has already been viewed by hundreds of foreign journalists and members of the Israeli Knesset. 
Some Knesset members were so overwhelmed by the video’s content that they left the screening mid-view.

The film has already been screened for a number of politicians for them to fully grasp the horror of what happened on October 7 and the group Israel is fighting against: 

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, arranged a unique screening of the video for a select audience, including high-ranking ambassadors and diplomats. He expressed his dedication to raising international awareness about the horrors committed by Hamas, with the aim of “reminding the world that we are facing a terrorist organization whose goal is the destruction of Israel.

Naturally, the film coming to audiences in the U.S. has caused some of the anti-Israeli leftists to begin throwing fits about it. Assistant Professor of Asian-American Studies, Nour Joudah, is attempting to paint the film as Israeli propaganda. 

“When we say these are not harmless opinions or individuals or careers to support, we aren’t exaggerating,” posted on X. “Gal Gadot is a former IDF soldier using her access in Hollywood to push propaganda for an ongoing genocide.” 

This is the general take from many who agree with Joudah. They have some belief that Israel is trying to lie about what Hamas did to justify what they consider “genocide,” when there isn’t a genocide happening at all. While war does have innocent casualties, the IDF is doing everything it can to limit the number of innocents hurt within Gaza. This is made more difficult as Hamas tends to use Gaza’s civilian population as human shields, not only to complicate Israel’s advance but in hopes that any innocents that die can be used to fool gullible people like Joudah into hating Israel more. 

Then again, many people are ready to believe that Israel is the bad guy and have already judged the film as Israeli propaganda to grease the wheels for genocide. 

In truth, Israel has no genocidal desires and many Palestinians live safely within Israel. Nearly 1.9 million, in fact. Hamas, however, does have a genocidal agenda that they’re more than proud to discuss. 

If more screenings become available, you can safely assume there will be mass protests outside theaters choosing to display it, which may very well scare some theaters off from doing so. The threat level may be too high for some customers to want to see it as well. 

I predict they will eventually make this available to stream somewhere on the internet so those who do wish to see these atrocities can do so safely from their homes and where it can’t be stopped by anti-Israel activists. 

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