The Pro-Hamas Rally in DC Yesterday Turned Into a Little Insurrection

Will it ever be classified as one? No. But the pro-terrorist rally that occurred in Washington DC yesterday devolved into an insurrection-like event, which, given the standard set by the liberal media and that of the Democratic Party, was a gross act of armed rebellion against the United States government.

It’s disturbing that we have this much pro-Jihadi trash living in America. Tens of thousands flooded Washington to call for a ceasefire and other initiatives that would benefit Hamas (via The Guardian): 

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched through downtown Washington DC on Saturday in what organizers hoped was the largest US demonstration of its kind since Israel began its bombardment of Gaza after Hamas attacked the country last month. 

The crowd waved Palestinian flags, carried posters and chanted slogans during the National March on Washington: Free Palestine, which took place alongside similar events across the US and elsewhere in the world. 

Organizers representing or endorsed by dozens of pro-Palestinian groups directed marchers to Freedom Plaza in the nation’s capital before looping past the White House. 

“Now is the time to stand with the besieged people of Palestine! Gaza is being bombed by the hour. Its people are denied food, water and electricity by Israel. Tens of thousands more people are likely to die. We must ACT!” the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (Answer) coalition said on its website. 

These protests are also not against Zionism or the Israeli government. It’s about wanting to kill Jews. The Zionism deflection is the most predictable pivot, a straw man argument that gets shredded within seconds because when pressed—these people get exposed as vicious antisemites.

Hordes of pro-Hamas activists stormed the White House, yelling at Secret Service agents for tearing down the terrorist propaganda that had been plastered all over the gates. The president of the United States lives here, folks. Stop being stupid; you can’t plaster signs and other nonsense that obscures the view of the security fences, among other things. 

If we’re going to play by the same rules, this was akin to January 6, but it’s against Israel, so these pro-radical Islamic insurrectionists get a pass, right? Will the FBI arrest them? Will years-long jail sentences be handed down? You know the answer to those questions.


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  1. Every citizen who is disgusted by the double standards exhibited by law enforcement towards these insurrectionists, MUST demand answers from their elected representatives as to why Jan 6 participants are still being hunted down while the BLM, Antifa and now pro Palestinian insurrectionists are give free reign. Demand not just answers, but demand action on their part. End the double standards or expect push back at the ballot box.

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