White House Ignores Threats to Jewish Americans, Vows to Fight ‘Scourge’ of Islamophobia Instead

With Jews feeling increasingly unsafe on the streets of the United States — and Jewish students on American college campuses definitely having their safety threatened — the tone-deaf White House thought this was the perfect time to announce their new initiative to fight Islamophobia. The new national strategy is reportedly designed to “counter Islamophobia in the United States amid backlash from many Muslim Americans over its support for Israel.”

Because Islamophobia is definitely the sentiment that’s fueling the antisemitic, pro-Hamas rage mobs across the country.

Let’s get some basic facts straight before we delve into the White House’s attempt to gaslight the country. Jews make up 2.4 percent of the total population in the United States but were the target of more than 50 percent of the religiously motivated hate crimes that took place in 2022. These are the numbers of Joe Biden’s own FBI, and, let’s face it, the 2023 numbers will be markedly higher.

In announcing this new strategy, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said:

President Biden ran for office to restore the soul of our nation. He is unequivocal: There is no place for hate in America against anyone. Period.

She continued, “For too long, Muslims in America, and those perceived to be Muslim, such as Arabs and Sikhs, have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks and other discriminatory incidents.” 

It’s not clear where the White House is getting the data to back up this “disproportionate” claim, but their own Department of Justice reported that less than 10 percent of religiously motivated hate crimes in 2022 were anti-Muslim in nature. And, again, that compares to the 51.4 percent of hate crimes there were committed against Jews.

Here’s the full statement from the White House:

That whole “restore the soul of our nation” bit is particularly hilarious. Restore it? The Biden administration (and Obama before him) created the rot that is currently plaguing the U.S. It’s laughable that they think focusing on the nearly nonexistent problem of Islamophobia will do anything but make things worse. Rational Americans see history repeating itself with every threat against “Jew pigs” and every tearing down of an Israeli hostage poster. But, sure, let’s fight the wrong fight.

November is, apparently, Islamophobia Awareness Month, which is leading to all kinds of other nonsense. As RedState’s Bonchie wrote earlier on Wednesday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan took to X/Twitter pleading for people to remember the real victims:

“Won’t anyone think of the Muslims,” Khan cries as the homes and businesses of Jews are literally being tagged with the Star of David while Jewish students are being attacked and harassed on college campuses. 

For an even worse take on things, we send it over to Kamala Harris.

The White House’s timing of this announcement was ill-conceived at best, an alarming dereliction of duty at worst. How could they look at Jewish kids cowering in their college library as a rage mob slobbers at the windows and think, “Yep, now is the time to take on Islamophobia”? 

The late comedian Norm Macdonald certainly was prescient way back in 2016 when he tweeted: “What terrifies me is if ISIS were to detonate a nuclear device and kill 50 million Americans. Imagine the backlash against peaceful Muslims?” We can all imagine that today.

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