Horror Abounds, As Bidenomics Halloween Candy Prices Soar to Ghastly Prices

Oh, the humanity! Look, gas prices are one thing, but don’t mess with my candy corn, Joe!

But alas, that’s just what Joe has done, as Bidenomics continues to ravage the checkbooks of everyday hardworking Americans across the county.

Here’s more:

The price of Halloween candy in the US has soared a frightful 13% since October 2022 — more than double the 6% increase across grocery prices generally, according to a survey.
During the past year, the price of chocolate alone has increased roughly 12%, research firm Datasemby found after collecting sales information from over 150,000 stores across 30,000 zip codes representing 200-plus retail banners.
So-called candy-flation rates — which are hitting double-digits for Halloween for the second year straight — are even higher in some states, especially in the Northeast.

And we haven’t even gotten to the increase in caramel prices yet!

And, yeah — Joe BidenKarine Jean-Pierre, and the whole of Team Biden continue to tell us how wonderfully well the economy is doing, under arguably, the worst president in history, in a ridiculous “The Emporer’s New Clothes” schtick that would make Hans Christian Andersen blush.

Anyway, leading the pack, consumers in Vermont, Maine, and Pennsylvania are seeing Halloween candy prices up by 14.7 percent, 14.2 percent, and 14.1 percent, respectively, vs. Halloween 2022.

Hershey’s CEO Michele Buck weighed in on the mayhem during a Thursday call with investors:

We know that value and affordability continue to be top of mind for consumers as budgets are stretched, some less government assistance, the restart of student loan repayments, higher interest rates. 

Oh, boo-hoo, re: the restart of student loan repayments. 

Willingly sign contracts; honor the terms.

So, How Bad Is It?

So Walmart — Walmart — just today (as I write) slashed prices on assorted variety packs, including one with 365 pieces of mini-sized M&M’s, Twix, and Snickers —from an astonishing $52.99 to $23.99. But here’s the thing: The sale price is only available on shipped candy, which won’t show up in time for the hand-grabbing kiddies, so there’s that. 

But look — it’s not Joe’s fault. No way. None of it. Obviously, the real culprit is Vladimir Putin.

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