‘Got Bipped’: Karma Bites Woke Soros-Backed Alameda County DA Pam Price Right Where It Hurts

It’s no secret that crime has become a huge problem in Democrat-run Oakland, so much so that prominent Democrats in the city and their affiliated groups are openly battling it out with each other over who is to blame, with some, like the Oakland NAACP, laying blame squarely at the feet of Pamela Price, the Soros-backed Alameda County District Attorney who has the soft-on-crime record to prove it. 

Price, a frequent race-card thrower, is now facing the threat of a possible recall election thanks to the growing number of people who are fed up with her emphasis on “criminal justice reform” and “restorative justice” over actually fighting crime, which is especially understandable when one listens to how she defends herself. 

Back in July, Price sat down for an interview with a local news outlet where, incredibly, she told them that oftentimes it was the perps who were the actual victims. She also lamented that members of the community were allegedly unable to appreciate the work her office does:

“…we at the District Attorney’s office are very very committed to making sure that we’re providing the best services. Some people are … are not able to actually appreciate the work that we do.”

Unfortunately for Price, though, life comes at you fast, which is exactly what she found out in the aftermath of her car being burglarized Saturday while she attended a community event – and ended up having to file a police report online because the police never came:

On Saturday, OPD confirmed the burglary in the area saying in a statement to ABC7, officers learned that multiple individuals broke into a vehicle, took several items and then fled the area in a vehicle with the loss.
ABC7 I-Team reporter Dan Noyes said on X on Saturday, formerly known as Twitter, DA Price’s bodyguard parked the $90,000 county Tahoe SUV outside the Family Justice Center, and returned to see the window broken and her work laptop gone.
According to Noyes, an OPD source says Price waited an hour for police to arrive, gave up and made the report online.

In that same July interview I mentioned earlier, Price declared that the District Attorney’s office “really has no impact on crime” and downplayed the concerns of residents by claiming that she “felt safe” in the city even though she admitted she lived in one of the tougher areas:

“Feels safe”? Of course, she would, she’s got a taxpayer-funded security detail, just like pretty much every other woke Democrat who calls for things like bail reform and defunding the police, policies that have the effect of making communities much more unsafe with victim counts rising.

Will what happened to Price Saturday get her to rethink her approach to treating criminals as though they are the true victims? It’s unlikely, but one thing that will be very interesting to see is if the perps behind her car burglary are found and if so, if they’ll face stiffer punishment than other victims of car burglars in the area.

As always, stay tuned.

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