Speaker Mike Johnson’s Christianity Sends the Left Into Fits of Rage

Newly-minted Speaker Mike Johnson may check many boxes for conservative Americans, but he’s checking boxes for Democrats in a completely different way. In other words, the left has its new bogeyman, and he’s sending them into fits of rage.

For example, did you know that Johnson is a Christian? I know, it’s really terrifying stuff. 

It’s times like these that I wish there wasn’t a legal requirement to link to the source of an excerpt because absolutely no one should give David Corn and his awful site a click. Here’s a bit of what was written.

Rep. Mike Johnson, the newly elected Republican House speaker, used to conduct a seminar in churches premised on the idea that the United States is a “Christian nation.” This ministry, as he has referred to it, is yet more evidence that Johnson is committed to a hardcore Christian fundamentalism that shapes his views of politics and government.

The seminar, titled “Answers for Our Times: Government, Culture, and Christianity,” was organized by Onward Christian Education Services, Inc., a company owned by his wife, Kelly Johnson, a Christian counselor and anti-abortion activist who calls herself a “leader in the pro-family movement.” The website for her counseling service—which was taken down shortly after Johnson became speaker—described the seminar, which featured both her and Johnson, as exploring several questions, such as, “What is happening in America and how do we fix it?” The list includes this query: “Can our heritage as a Christian nation be preserved?” There were different versions of the seminar running from two-hour-long lectures to retreats lasting two days. 

I’m literally shaking at the thought of having a Speaker who holds traditional Christian values. Clearly, the nation has done so well with a focus on secularism and the idea that absolutely anything goes, including men becoming women and killing babies in the womb until birth. 

I mean, it’s not like the United States is suffering from an epidemic of fentanyl overdoses largely driven by young, listless men who feel no purpose in their lives. What people actually need is more hedonism and less Christian-based outreach. To do anything else might result in a more joyful, ordered society where people raise families, value life, and treat each other with respect. We just can’t have that. 

No, what this country really needs is more drag shows for children and violent protests over whatever the current thing is. You know, because not being a Christian nation has served us so well, and it’s not like our former embrace of Judeo-Christian values helped create the richest, most powerful country on earth. 

Having a Speaker who relies on Biblical principles to shape his worldview is just crazy. What we really need is a bunch of politicians who form their worldviews around nebulous, secular-religious ideas of “justice,” with a special emphasis on “oppression” as a guiding dynamic. Clearly, that path has led to more racial reconciliation and less hate in the world. 

Thank God we have people like David Corn here to save us from the horrific fate of being a Christian nation. Scratch that, don’t thank God because that’s just too Christian. Instead, thank “justice” or “gender ideology” because those are state-approved religions. I’m sure they will lead us into a new era of prosperity and harmony. 

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  1. David Corn is symptomatic of why America is all screwed up. He either doesn’t know or chooses not to know the history of America. It was founded by Christians and established to be governed by Christian principles. Over the centuries it has become the country most other nations emulate. The ‘Shining Light on the Hill’.

    As history shows us many previous nations collapsed from the inside. Any tyranny, being run by power hungry bureaucrats, has as their prime goal the destruction of any or all other nations. Over the centuries, they fine tune their destructive strategies, usually eroding and causing the target nation to weaken and decay from the inside. The larger and more successful the nation, the longer it takes. But they are patient and persistent while they wait for their prey to become vulnerable.
    Khrushchev even told us that given enough rope we will hang ourselves and that he would even sell us the rope.
    They first infiltrate our society at all levels, even though it may take decades or centuries, all the while promoting psychological nonsense, propaganda, and lies to get us divided, hating and fighting each other, and changing our culture with every opportunity we give them.

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