The First Shoe Drops Against Rashida Tlaib in the House, but It’s Not Enough

The first shoe has dropped against Rep. Rashida Tlaib in the House of Representatives. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed a motion to censure the Democrat congresswoman, a move that will likely succeed.

Tlaib infamously waited days to comment on Hamas’ deadly slaughter of 1,400 people in Israel on October 7th. Yet, when Hamas officials claimed Israel had bombed a hospital, she immediately ran with the story, parroting terrorist propaganda, including the allegedly overinflated death toll.

Even after much evidence had come out to show that the damage was actually done by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket misfiring, she refused to apologize or retract her claim. Instead, she repeated her claims at a rally in front of the Capitol Building in which she accused Israel of committing genocide. That rally then turned into an insurrection as protesters stormed inside, occupying the rotunda and interrupting the business of the Congress. 

Whether the resolution will succeed or not isn’t so much in doubt compared to the question of whether some Democrats will join with Republicans in passing it. Tlaib has taken fire from her own party members for her behavior in the week following the insurrection that occurred and her refusal to show any remorse. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that you could see Jewish members of the Democrat caucus vote in favor of censuring her. 

With that said, while this is a good first step, it’s not nearly enough. What Tlaib has done is essentially offer aid and comfort to terrorists who tortured, raped, and slaughtered civilians, including over 30 Americans. Her continued propagation of misinformation regarding the scene at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza has been a boon to Hamas and has likely bolstered the terrorist group’s decision not to release the over 200 people being held hostage.

What she has done and continues to do goes well beyond the boundaries of what should be allowed from a member of the U.S. Congress. In short, Tlaib needs to be expelled from the body, not just censured. Would such a motion succeed? I don’t know, and I don’t think it matters. What’s important is to get people on record. Make Democrats own a member of their party who has routinely sympathized with terrorists. At the very least, some clarity will be provided. 


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  1. Who does 7th Rep. Rashida Tlaib D-Michigan represent, the people of Michigan or Hamas and the people of that area known as Palestine? If its the latter why is she in the United States of America’s House of the People of the United States? If it is the latter then she has no business within the Hallowed Halls of Congress. If its the former than why is she not representing the Citizens of that district, not the noncitizens or illegal immigrants? Her remarks tell one story only and do not represent the people of her District, the State nor the nation. She should be expelled from Congress due to her inability to do her job without prejudice.

  2. My opinion is, no person from any foreign country should. be elected to any government office, this means State, Federal, and City, Congress needs to pass a law that states, only AMERICAIN citizens can hold offices in AMERICA

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