Kirk Cameron Talks Brave Books’ New Direction and His Book, ‘The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare’

On the heels of a resoundingly successful series of “See You At The Library” events in August, Brave Books continues to chart a course and fresh direction to fulfill its mission of encouraging parents of faith and values to hold the line and fight for the minds and hearts of their children, to provide engaging resources that allows them to do this, and to confront the Woke culture and anti-Americanism with truth and facts. Actor, Author, and Christian Activist Kirk Cameron continues his role at the forefront of these endeavors. 

Cameron’s first book with Brave, “As You Grow,” explored cultivating wisdom through the fruit of the spirit. Then Cameron delved into the issue of pride in “Pride Comes Before The Fall,” where the dangers of the seventh deadly sin are highlighted, and the importance of humility uplifted.

Cameron’s latest Brave Book, “The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare” tackles the topic of finding common ground and learning to love our enemies, something sorely lacking in our culture today. From the headlines of the Israel-Hamas War, to the inability of the House of Representatives to work together to select a Speaker of the House, what we reflect to our children is hate, rancor, and division, which results in destroying the very ground that supports everyone, instead of finding what unifies us and learning to walk in the same direction. 

Cameron felt the urgent need to engage in the conversation and present a different approach.

I may be a Christian. You may be an atheist. I may be a conservative traditional values guy. You may be a leftist, progressive homosexual drag queen.
And guess what? We’re both fellow travelers on the journey to the grave. And at the finish line, we both get the same thing and that is the awesome appointment with the God of the universe to give a moral account of our life. And you need the same thing I need, and I need what you need: Love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, and something that transforms my heart into one that cares more about people than agendas. That cares more about gratitude and giving God, honor, and praise, and thanks, than my own accomplishments and giving myself glory, and honor, and praise. And if we can help each other do that as friends, I think we’ve accomplished a lot.

In my interview with Cameron, he discussed how this book will not necessarily resolve the nation or the world’s conflicts, but it does teach lessons that will help our children find common ground, learn to find agreement in the midst of disagreement, and seek another’s good, whether it is within their family unit, in their classroom, or in their wider world.

“The best way to destroy our enemies is by making them our friends,” Cameron exhorted. 

But this is a take that seems to be lost on portions of millennials and Gen-Z. Where the Baby Boomers were about making love and not war, and Generation X celebrated differences while finding commonalities and ways to relate to others, Millennials and Gen Z, with their safe spaces and cancel culture, are focused on division rather than multiplication. “The Fox, The Fair, and the Invention Scare” offers simple lessons that embed truth, teach concepts like forgiveness, and offer tools that will help change the hearts and minds of a generation, and ultimately work to change the trajectory of hate and division.

Cameron also teased the new plans in the works for Brave Books and how it will continue to engage with families, schools, and public libraries in the future. Brave Books is looking to expand the wonderful groundwork laid over the Freedom Island Tours and the “See You At The Library” events this year.

As RedState reported, the August 5 “See You At The Library” events were hosted by individuals, parents and grandparents, churches, civic groups, and even state representatives, in over 300 counties and 46 states across the U.S.A. In covering the impact of that day, Cameron eloquently stated that Brave Books chose to let someone else praise them, and not their own mouth. While Brave Books did not choose to fill its website with highlights of the many packed meeting rooms, patriotic songs, and children engaged in fun, informative, and rich readings, there was a multitude of articles and social media posts that attested to the imprint of joy, goodness, and community established through people coming together for these events. Despite the American Library Association and other activist attempts to suppress and cancel these events, they had a resounding impact throughout the land and have sparked a nationwide grassroots movement. Cameron spoke more on that impact and the privilege of being in partnership with Brave Books to engage the community and awaken people to the revival of First Principles.

Cameron concluded,

And now we pray and hope that the winds of heaven will blow on these flames and will stoke the fires, and they continue to spread.


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