IDF: Our Statements on Hamas Beheading Babies Got More Skepticism than Hamas’ Lie Blaming Us for Hospital Blast

Just when you think the Biden administration can’t be any more incompetent, they somehow find a way to lower the bar. That’s the story after the White House published a photo on Facebook of Delta Force operators that are on the ground in Israel. 

The picture was put up by the official White House account and captioned as the president meeting “with first responders to thank them for their bravery and the work they’re doing in response to Hamas terrorist attacks.”

There are not enough face-palm memes in existence to describe how insane this is.

Putting aside the ridiculous description of the soldiers in the picture being “first responders,” the White House just confirmed that American troops are on the ground and operating against Hamas (at least according to the description). That doesn’t necessarily mean a larger deployment and a broadening of U.S. involvement is coming, as special forces often operate covertly like this in small numbers, but I don’t think the plan was to announce to the world that the United States is involved in direct combat with Hamas.

Now, is the description on the post actually accurate? That’s another question because it is very possible these operators are actually there to protect the embassy, a task Delta Force has often been called on to do in tense situations. If that’s the case, then whatever Biden handler posted that picture could have just been mouthing off without knowing what they were talking about. Perhaps they honestly thought these were Israeli troops, though, it’s kind of hard to miss the American flags on all their sleeves.

Whatever the explanation, though, there is zero doubt that this is a huge security breach. It is standard protocol to never show the faces of any active special forces in the U.S. military, and any details about their specific operations are never supposed to be shared. Whoever did this screwed up badly, and it’s not the kind of thing that can just be ignored. This is a firable offense. Will that happen? Of course, not.

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  1. O dear! O dear! O dear!
    That’s just like the US troops that were in Ukraine STRAIGHT AFTER MAIDAN!
    And the BRITISH ONES, from 2015 building up the Donetsk-Front
    [most likely with the artillery that killed the 14,000 civilians there ( in Jan/Feb 2022) and brought the Russians in!]

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