WATCH: Hamas Terrorist’s Bodycam Shows the Moment an Israeli Kibbutz Let Him Have It

When Hamas entered Southern Israel to carry out the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust, it did its best to document its rampage. Terrorists wore body-cams as they assaulted a large music festival, killing hundreds as they fled. They also wore them as they attacked Israeli Kibbutzim, small agricultural villages near the Gaza border. 

In the vast majority of cases, the videos were horrifying, showing the torture and murder of families, but in some cases, they showed the heroism of those who fought back. 

(While there’s nothing graphic in the following video, the sound may be disturbing)

In the video, one terrorist is seen walking point while the body-cam of another rolls. The two make their way through the village, seemingly unaware they are in any danger before a shot rings out. That could signal that this was filmed after the initial massacre and that the terrorists were walking around to look for survivors to finish off. 

Whatever caliber weapon that was fired hit the terrorist hard, and he went down immediately before the same gun put several more rounds into him. You can hear something mumbled in Arabic (apparently some kind of prayer) as he expires. 

The video was taken in Kibbutz Sufa, which was devastated by the attack. It’s not known who fired the fatal shots, whether it be an armed resident or an active member of the IDF. What’s clear is that amidst the chaos, many people chose to place their own safety aside to fight back against the threat. How many lives were saved by eliminating the threat in the video? We can’t know that, but we can reasonably conclude the day wasn’t made worse by the existence of one less terrorist. 

Stories of Israelis fighting back on October 7th have begun to surface. In one case that was shared by 60 Minutes on Sunday, a former IDF general rushed to a Kibbutz after receiving a desperate call for help from their two sons. The story of what occurred along the way and when they got there is harrowing. 

That’s just one of many similar stories. This is why so many Americans are against the confiscation of firearms, including what Democrats describe as “assault weapons.” Who needs a 30-round magazine? What happened on October 7th answered that question definitively. You never know what’s going to occur, no matter where you are on earth.

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