Report: Hamas Left Knives Inside of Israeli Children; Murdered in Front of Parents

Hamas terrorists are said to have their knives inside of some Israeli children, and to have murdered some in front of their parents, as part of the radical Islamic group’s terror attack on Israel, which has has left at least 1,200 people dead and roughly 3,000 wounded.

The Times of Israel reports:

There is evidence in Kibbutz Be’eri that children were slain in front of their parents, Maj. Doron Spielman says. Knives were found left in some of the children.
Bodies are still being taken out of the kibbutz, which Spielman says will be remembered as a symbol of Hamas’s massacre, like Auschwitz is the symbol of the Holocaust.

The gruesome report comes after a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed to CNN on Wenseday that babies and toddlers were discovered with their “heads decapitated” in Kfar Aza in southern Israel in the wake of Hamas’s attack.

CNN correspondent Nic Robertson spoke of similar horrors with host Anderson Cooper on Tuesday evening, telling his colleague about what he saw on Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

“What I saw, hundreds of terrorists in full armor, full gear, with all the equipment and all the ability make a massacre. Go from apartment to apartment, from room to room and kill babies, mothers, fathers in their bedrooms,’ Robertson explained, according to Mediate. “They locked themselves in the protection rooms of their houses and people were out with their children and they killed them. They killed babies in front of their parents, and then killed the parents. They killed parents and we found babies between the dogs and the family killed before him. They cut heads of the people.”

In a social media post, Robertson also said there were “bodies everywhere.”

“Men, women, children, hands bound, shot, executed, heads cut,” he added.

Israel has massed forces, tanks and other heavy armour around Gaza in its operation against what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu labelled “an attack whose savagery … we have not seen since the Holocaust”.

U.S. President Joe Biden has pledged to send more munitions and military hardware to its close ally Israel, and expressed revulsion at the “sheer evil” of the slaughter of civilians in the unprecedented assault Hamas unleashed from Saturday.

The Agence France-Presse contributed to this report. 

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  1. There something horribly wrong with these people. they can kill children leave their knives in, cut off babies heads, rape and murder women then abuse their naked bodies. Is it a genetic flaw? or their twisted religion? Anyone who celebrates this kind of behavior is sick and depraved. Hamas and people who support this should be wiped from the face of the earth.

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