Former Harvard President Larry Summers ‘Sickened’ by Student Statement Blaming Israel for Hamas Attacks

Larry Summers has held many titles: Harvard president, treasury secretary under former President Bill Clinton, and advisor to former President Barack Obama. He currently holds the title of Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus of the Ivy League school.

Judging by that resume, you can tell he’s not a conservative or a Republican. He was nevertheless completely outraged by a despicable statement issued by Harvard students involved in more than 30 “Palestinian Solidarity” groups that basically said that Israel was at fault for Saturday’s heinous terror attacks by Hamas.

As my colleague Mike Miller reported, the students revealed themselves with one repugnant line:

We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.

Summers responded on the social media platform X and said he was profoundly disturbed:

I repeat:

In nearly 50 years of @Harvard  affiliation, I have never been as disillusioned and alienated as I am today.

That was not his only tweet on the matter; in fact, he issued several blasting the university’s administration for their silence and failure to condemn the student statement. Here is a compilation of several posts that he wrote in a thread on the matter:

Unlike [former Harvard] President Bacow’s strong statement of support for Ukraine after Putin’s invasion and the decision to fly the Ukraine flag over Harvard yard…
…or [current Harvard president] Dean Gay’s powerful statement on police violence, we have as yet – 48 hours later – no official Harvard statement at this time of moral testing.
Instead, Harvard is being defined by the morally unconscionable statement apparently coming from two dozen student groups blaming all the violence on Israel. I am sickened. I cannot fathom the Administration’s failure to disassociate the University and condemn this statement.

He added that there’s nothing wrong with criticizing Israeli policy, but that’s “very different from lack of clarity regarding terrorism.” The Simon Wiesenthal Center, whose founder was a survivor of the Nazi death camps and “dedicated his life to documenting the crimes of the Holocaust and to hunting down the perpetrators still at large,” weighed in: 

Summers is not free of controversy himself, resigning from Harvard in 2006 amid clashes with faculty and a remark he made that women might not be as good at engineering as men. And as our own Nick Arama reported, his name came up in a list of Jeffrey Epstein associates; meanwhile, his economic predictions have also come under fire over the years. The leftist rag “The Atlantic” accused him in 2013 of having the characteristics of “arrogance, bullying, [and] stubbornness.”

I bring up those issues not because I believe they disqualify him from having an opinion on the odious student statement but to give you background and context on a person some consider controversial. With these tweets, though, he is 100 percent on the money and absolutely correct to point out the moral depravity of the Harvard students openly siding with vicious killers. They are supporting this:

True Savagery: Hamas Terrorists Murdered Over 250 at Music Festival Near Gaza 

Unfortunately, this Harvard saga once again highlights a sad fact in America, namely that many—if not most—of our higher education institutions have become morally bankrupt and exist primarily to infuse our youth with leftist, Communist propaganda. 

No one with a heart or a brain or a conscience could support the evil we saw in Israel over the weekend, and I applaud Larry Summers for calling it out, no matter what you might think about his past.

Addendum: Harvard did finally address the situation in a social media post Monday night. However, they failed to address the students’ statement in their tweet or in their complete communiqué:

There is only one word that summarizes the status of what we are supposed to consider one of our elite educational institutions: broken.

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