AOC and the NYC DSA’s Responses to Hamas Terrorist Attacks on Israel

It would be hard for anybody to justify or spin the dastardly attacks on Israel by Hamas.

But that isn’t stopping some from coming out with bad reactions, like some of the Squad members, suggesting that now that Hamas has viciously attacked, it’s time not to respond but to call for a ceasefire, as opposed to dealing with the terrorist murderers.  

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)  followed in line with other Squad members calling for an immediate ceasefire. She also spoke about the “oppression and occupation” more than she spoke about the murder of hundreds of Israelis by Hamas.  

From her other account, AOC also “liked” this misleading post, which attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response. 

But this might not come as much of a surprise if you’ve followed her track record on the subject; she’s pushed the far-left nonsense for years in regard to Israel. 

She’s also been a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Let’s check out their response. They’re standing “in solidarity” with the Hamas terrorists, calling for people to come out and “free Palestine.” 

Let’s also check out the DSA’s guidance, which makes clear that they know that the “protesters” may be engaging in breaking the law. 

“Mask up and don’t post pics of yourself and others,” they advise in their post. “Don’t discuss stuff that may or may not have happened, just don’t.” 

In case that isn’t clear, they’re not advising wearing a mask for COVID protection; they’re advising masks and not posting pictures so they can’t be identified by the police when the “action” starts to go potentially criminal. 

So here’s a good question for reporters: Ask AOC and her other DSA-associated brethren in Congress their opinion on this “action” by the DSA. Put them on the spot and hold them accountable for such actions. Ask if they will renounce this group that is now explicitly supporting such attacks. I doubt you will get any kind of honest response. Many people called out the association with the Democrats and called out this “protest.” 

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