WATCH: Horrifying Videos out of Israel, as Biden Administration Delivers Shockingly Grotesque Response

As RedState reported, the largest militant attack on Israel in decades is currently occurring, with bands of Palestinian terrorists roaming Israeli streets, entering homes and bomb shelters, and murdering civilians. That proceeded with a massive rocket barrage launched from Palestinian-controlled territories. 

What’s clear is that this isn’t like other attacks, and the videos coming out of what has turned into an all-out war are horrifying. 

Unfortunately, I believe the woman above has already perished, as there’s another video (which I’m not going to share) showing what appears to be her lifeless body stripped and being paraded by Palestinians with rifles. 

These kidnapping, torture, and murder attacks are happening all over Israel.

Those taken hostage who weren’t murdered are reportedly being taken to Gaza to serve as negotiating blocks. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is already trying to equivocate and paint these actions as some kind of self-defense.

Abbas has been able to support this kind of terrorism with impunity in the past. He’s even been rewarded and promoted by the Western world. Israel may not and should not show that kind of restraint going forward, though. Abbas is now directly responsible for the butchering of women and children, and he should be treated accordingly. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration gave an immediate response that was so unbelievably grotesque that it was soon deleted. The following screenshot from the U.S. State Department is confirmed to be real.

The Biden administration is a moral abomination. By the time that post went out, there were already videos of civilians being held hostage and murdered circulating. Yet, the State Department’s Office of Palestinian Affairs decided to denounce any retaliation anyway, even framing Israel’s possible response as “violence and terror.”

Israel should ignore any such future demands. The only way this stops is a full-scale response that leaves nothing to chance and no terrorism infrastructure in place. 

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  1. There are lots of Jew haters in Biden’s administration so it does not come as a surprise that this administration is at the bottom of this attack on Israel.

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