Moore to the Point – ‘Walls Don’t Work’

As Joe Biden’s border crisis continues unabated, the American public is suffering from severe whiplash compliments of his administration’s bizarre and boomeranging messaging on the issue. 

When former President Donald Trump vowed to build a wall on the border to stem the flow of illegal immigration, we were told that walls don’t work (and that the very idea of building one was racist and xenophobic). 

When Biden ran for office, he vowed “not another foot of wall” would be constructed under his administration. When he took office, he issued an executive order declaring that no more taxpayer dollars would be diverted to construct the wall. 

When questioned about the influx of immigrants on their watch, the administration steadfastly claimed the border was “secure.” 

Until Wednesday, when, in an apparent about-face, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a notice announcing that 26 federal laws would be waived to permit more border wall construction in southern Texas, noting “an acute and immediate need” to construct barriers and prevent unlawful entries into the country. 

Only to have Biden state again on Thursday that walls don’t work, and Mayorkas attribute the change to Congress having already appropriated the funds and the administration having no choice under the law. 

So…basically, walls don’t work unless there’s an acute need for them…but they still don’t work — at least not for Democratic messaging purposes. 

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