Donald Trump Jr.: ‘Breaking Biden’ Reveals ‘a Lot More’ Than What’s Known About Joe Biden

Donald Trump Jr. said Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration  reveals “a lot more” than what’s known about President Joe Biden.

Trump Jr. on Thursday hosted Marlow on his podcast Triggered and encouraged his audience to purchase a copy of Marlow’s exposé on Biden.

Trump Jr. praised Breitbart as “one of the few guys out there actually doing journalism that’s not just marketing for the radical leftist and the Democrat party.”

“So you’re going to want to check this one out. You’re also going to want to read his book,” Trump Jr. added.

Trump Jr. said Breaking Biden left him “amazed” at how much more information there is about Biden’s behavior and corruption.

“I love what you guys are doing, and, before we get into the book, because I was sort of shocked in looking through it and going like, you know, I do this almost daily at this point. I live this lifetime. I talk about the hypocrisy. I’ve been persecuted for treason according to the U.S. government at the time, a crime punishable by death. I’m saying, man, in my next life, I hope to be as upstanding a citizen as Hunter Biden. But, strangely enough, right? Now, I’m the guy that gets shit on. He gets away with murder, it seems. S,o it’s interesting, but I was amazed how much more there is than even what we know at this point,” Trump Jr. said.

Marlow noted that once former President Donald Trump got elected in 2016, the left’s tactics “became less about trying to fight fair and just doing whatever it takes to win. ‘By any means necessary’ is the phrase that used get thrown around when I was on the Berkeley campus as a few years ago.”

Marlow said the political left uses various attacks to get their way, including “advertiser boycotts” or “changing the rules.”

“Now it seems like what’s most trendy is lawfare, trying to sue anyone they disagree with,” Marlow noted

Marlow said the establishment will “ignore” Breaking Biden and “act like it doesn’t exist,” despite having 1,600 footnotes from some of corporate media’s “preferred sources.”

“This book, Breaking Biden is going to be the biggest selling book, maybe ever, on Joe Biden’s life. I assume it will be. You’re not going to read one word about it in establishment media because they know they can’t come after it,” Marlow said. “I have 1,600 endnotes in there. A lot of them are from their preferred sources; so, they’re not going to be able to hit me on the facts.”

Marlow also discussed other topics, including big tech’s censorship, the federal indictment against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and the need from Republicans to counter the dominant “Republican bad; Democrat good” narrative that is pervasive among the mainstream.

“[Democrats are] the ones who are supporting wars all over the world. They’re the ones who are making gas $7 a gallon in California. They’re the ones who are hampering our energy sector,” Marlow said. “Why do you think that we are cozying up to China so much? Why is that such a good thing? They have literal concentration camps. That’s not a good thing to do. If you make them defend those positions, I think, over time, we’re going to make a lot of progress.”

Trump Jr. later said that if his father “was doing any of the things that Joe Biden is doing, you’d hear about it nonstop” from the corporate press.

“Check out the book. It’s a solid one and hard to believe as much as we talk about it. There’s a lot more out there, so let’s get it out there,” Trump Jr. concluded.

Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration is available now in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook read by the author.

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