Elon’s Humorous Response to Biden’s Effort to Attack Him And ‘Misinformation’ on X

Joe Biden emerged on Sunday after Congress managed to avert a government shutdown and acted like he deserved some credit for them reaching a deal. But, Biden looked very old, was glitching, had a significant brain freeze, and even managed to trip over his attempt to insult MAGA Republicans. 

That wasn’t the only bad look Biden had on Sunday. Biden was interviewed by Pro Publica’s John Harwood (Harwood ended up there after he got the boot from CNN).  Both Biden and Harwood pushed this as an interview about the “threat” to democracy. 

Even with a receptive liberal interviewer, Biden still managed to get into trouble with what he said. There were a couple of things that stood out. First, there was the bizarre comment he made about the late former Sen. Strom Thurmond that couldn’t possibly be correct. 

“When I left the Senate, I was able to convince Strom Thurmond to vote for the Voting Rights Act,” Biden asserted. 

Except as the clip notes, Thurmond died in 2003, while Biden didn’t leave the Senate until 2009. The Voting Rights Act passed in 1965, before Biden was in office

Check out the look on Harwood’s face as Biden says this. But Biden doesn’t even have any idea how what he said was wrong. 

Then they both bashed X owner Elon Musk. 

“What about what Elon Musk has done to Twitter?” Harwood asked. “Lowering guardrails to misinformation, does that contribute to it?” 

“Yeah, it does,” Biden claimed. Then he said people go “online” to get their news, where they have “no notion of whether it’s true or not.” 

Imagine Biden talking about misinformation when he’s constantly slinging it, as we see above with the Thurmond claim. 

Misinformation, to them, is anything they don’t agree with or anything that challenges the approved narrative. That’s why they’re so unhappy with Elon Musk. Because with him in control of X, they no longer control the narrative there. 

The fact that anyone in the government would think they have a responsibility to control “misinformation” is concerning thought in a free society that lives under our Constitution. 

Beyond that, X has become more factually accurate and less of a purveyor of misinformation, now that Musk has brought in Community Notes. Maybe Joe Biden doesn’t like that because he’s been busted by the Notes on multiple occasions. 

Elon wasn’t shy about responding. 

He laughed at how ridiculous that was. 

Many pointed out how it was Elon taking over that exposed the misinformation being pushed on Twitter previously through the Twitter Files. Musk brought more transparency and responsiveness to the platform. 

Musk also noted that the real president was “the one who controlled the teleprompter.” 

Then Musk finishes off Biden and this ridiculous effort. 

I think Musk wins the internet for the brutal accuracy there. 

But it’s Biden’s attitude and Democrats’ efforts to control that’s the danger, not “misinformation.” 

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