Moore to the Point – Not Our Best, Not Our Brightest

So…Impeachment Inquiry hearing number one was held on Thursday – and it was a doozy. With all the fur that flew, I’m surprised our Congresscritters weren’t hacking up fur balls. Well, some of them sort of were.

The stated purpose of Thursday’s hearing was to set forth the basis for proceeding with the inquiry. That didn’t stop the Dems, of course, from conflating the investigation with the trial and squawking endlessly about there being NO evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Joe Biden and howling about Republicans doing exactly what they did less than four years ago.

There were plenty of lowlights, but the one that stood out the most to me was when Dan Goldman, who fancies himself quite the legal wizard, pondered: “If there were nine Biden family members who got money from these business transactions, isn’t it striking that Joe Biden was not one of them?”

Why, yes, Matlock, it’s striking indeed. EVERYONE around Joe Biden — including his grandchildren — was getting money from foreign nationals, but Joe himself was singularly isolated from this lucrative enterprise. You don’t suppose that’s because they realized that forwarding millions of dollars DIRECTLY to Joe might tip even the most casual observer off to the fact that The Big Guy was on the take, do you?

Not our best. Not our brightest.

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