A ‘Disaster’: Donald Trump Warns Against Automatic Voter Registration in Pennsylvania

Former President Donald Trump sternly warned on Monday that automatic voter registration in Pennsylvania will be a “disaster for the Election of Republicans.”

The Keystone State has become the 24th state to roll out the practice, doing so ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“Pennsylvania is at it again!” Trump exclaimed in a Truth Social post shortly after midnight, warning that automatic voter registration would be a disaster for Republicans across the board, including himself.

He continued:

The Radical Left Governor, Josh Shapiro, has just announced a switch to Automatic Voter Registration, a disaster for the Election of Republicans, including your favorite President, ME! This is a totally Unconstitutional Act, and must be met harshly by Republican Leadership in Washington and Pennsylvania.

Trump blasted Republican National Committee (RNC) leadership, urging it to spend more time focusing on similar issues rather than on what he described as “meaningless Debates where I am up by more than 50 points.”

“Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and others, are far more important than ‘Aida,’ Sloppy Chris, Lyin’ Mike Pence, Nikki ‘Birdbrain’ Haley, Ron (‘Dead Campaign’) DeSanctimonious, and the others,” Trump continued.

He further exclaimed:

Start suing now, & get the right lawyers this time! The Pennsylvania Republican Party must likewise not let this happen. It will be a disaster for our Nation, which is being destroyed by these Lunatics, Marxists, & Fascists, whose only real ability is to CHEAT on Elections.

“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Trump concluded.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) announced that automatic voter registration would go into effect.

“By expanding voter registration at our DMVs, we’ll save taxpayers time and money, reduce the number of costly paper registrations, and streamline voter registration for Pennsylvanians,” Shapiro said, celebrating making the promise of automatic voter registration a “reality” in the battleground state.

The news also comes as Democrats sound the alarm in Pennsylvania because recent surveys show Trump and President Joe Biden statistically tied and Democrat Sen. Bob Casey trailing a generic Republican on the ballot.

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