Hillary Clinton Won’t Leave the Stage, Ponders Trump’s Psyche, Obsesses Over Russia, Russia, Russia

Hillary Clinton is the guest who wouldn’t leave, or at least the guest who was never invited. The former First Lady is hitting the airwaves again to whine about her 2016 presidential election loss to Donald Trump and to continue her efforts to convince the world that he is the greatest danger to the planet since the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 60 million years ago.

She doesn’t believe his claim that if he is convicted of any crimes, he wouldn’t pardon himself should he win the presidency in 2024.

“I don’t believe him on anything. Why would I start believing him on that?” said a chortling Clinton in a Sunday interview on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki.”

Trump said in a Meet the Press interview earlier this month that it was “very unlikely” he would pardon himself if given the opportunity, partly because he doesn’t think he’ll be convicted of the litany of federal and state charges against him for allegedly mishandled classified documents, falsifying business charges and more. 

Trump seems to live rent-free in Hillary’s head, though, as she seems to spend a lot of time examining his psychology:

He engages in what psychologists call projection. So whenever he accuses somebody else of doing something, it’s almost guaranteed he’s doing it himself or he’s already done it. Or whenever he denies thinking about doing something or doing it, it’s almost guaranteed he is thinking about it, or he’s already done it. 

Pot, meet kettle. Clinton embodies almost every negative trait that she accuses others of having: she’s divisive, she refused to accept her own 2016 election loss, and she and her husband have been the subject of endless ethical lapses

She also can’t let go of the Russian collusion theory and thinks that Putin cost her the election and that he’ll try to sway the results in ’24. This despite the fact that the vaunted Mueller report came up with basically zero evidence of any Trump-Russia collusion or serious Russian interference in our elections. 

According to Clinton:

The Russians have proved themselves to be quite adept at interfering and if he has a chance, he’ll do it again.
I don’t think despite all of the deniers, there’s any doubt that he interfered in our election. Part of the reason he worked so hard against me is because he didn’t think that he wanted me in the White House.

Mrs. Clinton and Psaki, the leftist former press secretary to President Biden, also discussed other subjects, and Clinton unsurprisingly blasted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over a possible government shutdown. But the question is: why does she keep popping up? She’s like the female Fauci, appearing constantly despite being irrelevant and out of a job.

Or is she irrelevant? As Halloween approaches, one can’t help but get the haunting sense that she’s hanging around just in case Joe isn’t up to running for the presidency. At one point, Hillary the Commander in Chief was about the scariest thing I could think of—but that’s before we found out that Joe Biden is an even more clear and present danger than she is to the American way of life.

I feel like I’m at the theater, and one performer’s part is over, but they won’t leave the stage. Exit stage left, Mrs. Clinton, we beg of you.

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  1. Poor Hillary! She can’t seem to get Russia out of her head! Facts don’t seem to matter to her – even the fact that SHE is the guilty RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, person~

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