Watch: Another Song Emerges That Perfectly Captures the Frustration of a Nation

It’s a time of troubles that aren’t stopping thanks to an endless amount of corruption, bad education, and apathy, but in the midst of it all, voices are arising in the arts to sing to our pains and troubles. 

Another such song has recently emerged and is slowly going viral, and it comes from a man on X named Samson who posted his own song. Unlike Oliver Anthony, a man who appeared on the national stage out of nowhere and took America’s breath away with his somber song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” Samson is not a country singer but a rapper. 

Moreover, where Anthony was more general with his song, Samson directly addresses some of the things we’re suffering from. For instance, he calls out the misuse of his taxes by the politicians who haven’t just made them incredibly high but are sending his money off to places like Ukraine. 

He also calls out the liberals who were anti-war not that long ago but can’t stop applauding it now. Moreover, we continue to focus our money on wars overseas when the problems we have here at home continue to mount to uncontrollable levels. 

The song wraps up by asking the people what they’re going to do about it and ends with a George Carlin in the background reminding everyone that the politicians don’t actually care about you. 

Here’s the video below and be aware, there’s language.

While Samson is no Anthony, he joins a chorus of artists creating relatable songs that truly connect to the times. If ever there was content made for a “modern audience” this is actually it. The true people being oppressed aren’t a singular group, it’s all Americans currently suffering at the hands of high-tax, high-control politicians who seem far more concerned with other countries than their own.

Songs like this began emerging left and right after the appearance of Anthony who continues to be the country’s unofficial voice. As you’re likely well aware, his song “Rich Men North of Richmond” was so relatable that different kinds of people from all over America related to it, sending it to the top of music charts and making the elites the song talks about and their supporters very angry. 

The creation of these songs isn’t likely to slow down either. As these problems deepen and the 2024 election draws closer and closer, you’re likely going to see tensions mount and people turn to art to release their frustrations. What we might see is some of the most relatable creations from people just like you and me. 

Since Hollywood and the mainstream music industry have no desire to put forth any music that truly speaks to the people (with very few exceptions) the real entertainment will come from no names like Samson and Anthony who appear out of nowhere with songs that the people truly feel. 

Perhaps what we’re seeing now is something of a renaissance, or at least the beginnings of one. The greater entertainment industry has more or less shut down thanks to the SAG-AFTRA strike, giving independent creators the chance to step forward and give the people some really great material. 

And thanks to our corrupt political environment and the division it causes, there won’t be any shortage of material for people to write about. 

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