EXCLUSIVE: Kash Patel Talks His New Book, ‘Government Gangsters’ and Who Could Replace Joe Biden

Former Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and Intel head Kash Patel’s new book Government Gangsters drops on Tuesday. In its pages, Patel exposes the major players and gamesmanship employed by the permanent and unelected government class commonly known as The Deep State. These players are made up of corrupt law enforcement personnel, intelligence agents, and military officials who work behind the scenes to manipulate the levers of power, while the elected officials who are commissioned by the American people can (or won’t) do anything about it. 

Despite being immersed in this world for decades and having firsthand knowledge of how the system does (and doesn’t) work, In an interview with RedState, Patel said he was reluctant to be the one to blow the lid off. 

To tell you the truth, I really didn’t want to write the book. But the American people deserved the full facts; facts that are being blocked and slowly rolled out by the intelligence community.

Patel’s former boss, President Donald J. Trump, also encouraged Patel to write the book, calling it “a roadmap to 2024.”

Whoever attains the nomination and is voted into office can use the information in the book to change government. Not necessarily to remove agencies, but to change funding, defund strategically, and get rid of the bureaucracy at the top.

Speaking of slow-rolling, the publication of the book almost didn’t happen, because the Biden administration dragged its feet on giving Patel clearance.

When you are leaving government and you want to write a book, especially when you had a security clearance like I did, you sign documents that say before you publish any memoirs or books that you will submit them back for a pre-publication review. And I’m totally for that process. It just ensures that no private data is spilled; it just ensures that classified information doesn’t get out.

Normally, this process takes two to three months from the time the writer submits the manuscript. After 10 months, Patel still had not received any response from the administration and had to file a lawsuit in federal court to retrieve the manuscript. When it was finally returned, Patel said that less than five percent of the book was redacted, and those redactions were minor and superfluous.

When RedState interviewed Patel for his Brave Book, Plot Against the King and Plot Against the King 2, the question of whether the FBI was worth saving was posed. Patel said back in 2022,

I’m not one of those guys. You know, you need an FBI, you need a DOJ, you need a DoD and an IC and all that.
What happens is you can go in there and hey, it’s the people, right? Not just at the top level, but the second and third and fourth level. You have to go in there and follow the policies of the administration, and not politicize it. That’s my biggest critique of the combination of the systems that I worked in is the politicization of either DOJ or the DoD, especially with a two-tier system of justice.

In Government Gangsters, Patel deepened this concept and actually delved into how this can be done. How to approach each of the areas mentioned to effect turnaround. Patel offered methods that could be employed to restore government back to the control of the people, and out of the control of the Deep State political elites who have commandeered that power. 

It’s not about just getting personnel right at the cabinet level. It’s about going 10-15 rungs lower and finding people who are willing to serve. 

After discussing the Biden Family corruption and long-term and near-term solutions to unraveling and potentially prosecuting their crimes, we moved into election integrity, and whether the people’s vote would make a difference in 2024.

Plot Against the King 1 and 2 outlined in simpler language exactly who the Deep State is, and how they sought to undermine a King. In our representative republic, former President Donald Trump was the one undermined by this shadow government, and they are still seeking to undermine Trump’s candidacy through various indictments. Patel outlined a way forward for any Republican nominee to work to dismantle the two-tiered system of justice that is allowing this to happen and confirms that it is no longer about just Trump, but the American people and our Constitution.

Finally, we had a long discussion about President Joe Biden’s physical and cognitive abilities, and should the Democrats replace him, who would they replace him with?

You can find Government Gangsters anywhere books are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent retailers). If you purchase through Patel’s Fight for Kash website or My Signed Copy, you can receive a signed copy of the book. Truth Social is Patel’s only social media hub where you can interact with him, discover more interviews, and get information on book signings near you. 

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