New Info From FBI Agent Adds Fuel to Fire That Hunter Probe Slow-Walked, as Nadler Desperately Spins

Looks like the Democrats and the media are already trying to spin evidence that’s been coming out in the Hunter Biden probe. I wrote earlier about how Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) dropped some reality on a reporter trying to say that Americans didn’t see the “evidence” against Joe Biden. 

There’s some new information being reported concerning the transcript out of testimony of FBI Agent Thomas Sobocinski regarding the probe into Hunter Biden. That information is not good for the Democrats and the Bidens.  

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jerry Nadler (D-NY), citing The Washington Post, was already trying to spin his head off about what Sobocinski supposedly said in that transcript. 

But here’s much different information from Fox’s Chad Pergram in an X thread.  

Pergram said Sobocinski “pushed back” on statements by now Special Counsel David Weiss that he did not have authority to charge Hunter Biden and “suggests that he agrees with IRS whistleblowers that Weiss plodded on his decision to charge Hunter Biden.”

Variation in testimony and some hearing things others don’t is normal witness testimony. But as even The Washington Post had to admit, Sobocinski “agreed with the IRS whistleblowers that Weiss had moved slowly in making a charging decision.”

Pergram noted:  

From Russell Dye, spokesman for Judiciary Committee Chair Jordan: Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler have been wholly consistent throughout their disclosures to Congress, and the only people who haven’t are people like David Weiss, Merrick Garland, and their liberal cronies.

Even in the WaPo account, they had to acknowledge that Shapley had notes of the meetings and Sobocinski didn’t in terms of what his understanding was in regard to Weiss. 

A spokesperson for Empower Oversight, the nonprofit whistleblower assistance group representing Shapley, pointed that out. 

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the leaked transcript, which makes it difficult to comment,” the spokesman wrote in a statement. “While it’s not unusual for people to have slightly different recollections of the same event, in this case, SSA Shapley took notes in real-time and that day emailed his summary of the meeting to several people, including his supervisor who contemporaneously corroborated his account — which is all very different from trying to recall information a year later with no notes.”

So Nadler’s take is just nonsense wish-casting. Sobocinski’s testimony isn’t the case “falling apart” — it buttresses that it was slow-walked. 

So what are the Democrats going to do now? I don’t think they have any indictments left that they can drop on former President Donald Trump to deflect from how much the walls are closing in on Joe Biden and the Biden family business scandal at this point. And this is just the start, barely one day into the inquiry. They’re definitely going to lose their minds as the American public is made more aware of all the slimy business the Bidens were engaged in. 


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