Trump to Congressional Republicans: End Biden’s Resettlement of Illegal Aliens

Former President Donald Trump called upon Republicans in Congress to use the brewing government funding battle to end the Biden administration’s release and resettlement of illegal aliens in the U.S., arguing that the country cannot wait until he takes the presidency in 2025.

In a marquee Friday night speech in Rapid City, South Dakota, Trump laid out his case for Congressional action to force President Joe Biden’s hand at the border. Trump’s remarks come as reports indicate Biden is considering a plan to require many aliens requesting asylum to remain in Texas.

“We cannot wait until 2025 to begin stopping this horrible invasion,” Trump insisted after badgering Biden for dismantling his progress in securing the border. “That is why tonight I am calling on Congressional Republicans to ban Joe Biden from using a single tax dollar … to release or resettle illegal aliens into the United States, starting on the government funding deadline of September 30.”

President Joe Biden Photographer (Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

With broad consensus in the Senate to advance spending bills devoid of hot-button conservative priorities, the House is expected to be the battleground for border security spending and policy change debates. Indeed, many conservatives have already begun to lay out the need for both increased spending at the border as well as policy changes to force the Biden administration into additional action.

Democrats have a history of brushing off Trump’s demands at the border, even forcing a partial government shutdown in December 2018 in protest of four billion dollars for border wall construction that Republicans inserted into government funding legislation. Democrats eventually won that battle, with Republicans surrendering after several weeks.

However, today’s dynamics are different. With Biden’s popularity at uncomfortable lows for an incumbent up for reelection and the crisis at the border recognized by many in his own party — and even the New York Times — Trump’s allies in Congress may be energized to press the issue.

24 April 2023, Mexico, Obregon: Numerous migrants walk along the side of a highway heading north. (Photo by Isaac Guzman/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Trump spent much of his approximately 100-minute speech touting his administration’s record on immigration and border security, including negotiating the “Remain in Mexico” policy and deportation of illegal alien criminals by the thousands. “We created the most secure border in U.S. history, built nearly 500 miles of border wall, got Mexico to give us 28,000 soldiers … free of charge, while we were building the wall,” said Trump. “We built almost 500 miles.” He referenced 200 additional miles of construction that were set to begin that were halted by Biden after taking office.

Trump promised to immediately terminate Biden’s open border promises if reelected but made clear the need for Congressional Republicans to act now.

“The time for talk is over—now is the time for action.”

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