CNN Ramps up the COVID Fearmongering Again

Many Americans got over COVID-19 and all the lockdowns, masking, and social distancing rather quickly, but there are still those true believers, those Branch Covidians, who just can’t let it go. With an incredibly important election coming up next year, it was inevitable that the “threat” of COVID was bound to be hyped up again.

We’ve seen a few attempts so far; most recently, there’s been talk of a new variant that will naturally require a brand new, updated vaccine with which to enrich Big Pharma. Joe Biden is even flirting with the idea of another vaccine mandate. Good luck with that.

It should come as no surprise that in the wake of the news of a new variant, new vaccines, and new mandates, CNN has jumped into the milieu in the hopes of stirring up some COVID panic.

According to a story published Friday, it seems like “everyone has Covid-19.”

Really? That’s news to me. Oh, but wait, not only are you supposed to be convinced that COVID is all around you, that the new wave “is probably worse than official data suggests.”

We’ve seen this movie before, guys.

Covid-19 certainly didn’t take a vacation this summer. Virus levels in the US have been on the rise for weeks, but it’s hard to know exactly how widely it’s spreading.

Federal data suggests that the current increases have stayed far below earlier peaks and notable surges. But judging by word of mouth among family, friends and coworkers, it can seem like everyone knows someone who’s sick with Covid-19 right now.

“We have several folks down with Covid, unfortunately,” one health-focused nonprofit told CNN when seeking comment for this story.

Rates of severe disease may be staying at relatively low levels, but experts agree that there are probably more infections than the current surveillance systems can capture.

If you’re not trembling in your boots or soiling yourself yet, don’t worry; they’ll keep trying. There are COVID tests to sell, vaccine doses to take, masks to be worn, and elections to tamper with. It worked so well in 2020, so did you really think they wouldn’t try again?

Back in the early months of the pandemic, many of us in conservative media were pointing out that a significant amount of people who were exposed to and ultimately caught COVID were asymptomatic, which actually meant that infection rates were higher than official counts. Why? Because if you weren’t symptomatic, you were likely not testing.

This meant that while COVID may have been serious, fatality rates were actually even lower than people thought, and there were plenty of people who didn’t even know they had COVID and plenty more who experienced nothing more than mild cold symptoms from it.

Articles like this are trying to convince you that catching COVID is the end of the world, and yet a search of the article yields zero references to fatality rates, only infections and hospitalizations — and that’s another red flag we’ve seen before. Are these people really being hospitalized because of COVID, or were they admitted for other reasons and were found to have COVID?

As if CNN would tell you. There’s a narrative to push.

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