WATCH: Keith Olbermann Claims Riley Gaines ‘Sucks at Swimming,’ She Demolishes Him in Response

I’m starting to think that getting ratioed is a fetish for Keith Olbermann, who I can’t give a title to because one can’t be sure what he actually does these days. I believe he’s now self-hosting a podcast no one listens to after getting fired from whatever his last media job was. 

Given Olbermann’s wealth of time in his old age, being an unmarried, childless scold, he decided to attack Riley Gaines for no legitimate reason whatsoever. In a social media rant, he proclaimed that the women’s sports activist “sucks at swimming.” You see, she had the audacity to suggest that being able to define a woman is actually a good thing. 

Olbermann’s post was quickly slapped with a community note.

Of note is that Gaines did not “lose” to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. She tied with him, and then the powers that be in college swimming decided to award the biological male the trophy instead of her because they felt it would make a better photo-op. Leave it to Olbermann to screw up even the most basic of comebacks. 

He wasn’t done yet, though. Never one to back down from being owned, Olbermann then decided to insult her again. 

I guess Olbermann didn’t realize that Gaines endorsed Ron DeSantis, making his slap at Donald Trump rather pathetic and irrelevant, but no matter, she decided to respond to him this time. 

GAINES: As I was getting my all-SEC first-team honors down to show you, I dropped it, and I broke it, which would be very unfortunate if I didn’t have more of those, but lucky for me, I do so let’s go through it. 

SEC title, second in the country. This is my SEC Community Service Leader of the Year award, which actually got me a lot of money. Oh, another SEC title, an NCAA trophy. Oh, look, SEC scholar-athlete of the year. Believe it or not, I’m pretty smart. Another SEC title, another NCAA trophy. Oh, that’s when we won an SEC championship as a team, some more SEC honors, oh, look, another one. That’s when I broke the 200 butterfly record, the SEC record, which I still hold, making me one of the fastest Americans of all time. 

So, Keith, I would be really sad if I broke this trying to prove a point to an old man who can’t even seem to keep a job, but I’ve got more of these, so I’m not. Thanks, Keith.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure being destroyed by successful women is Olbermann’s thing. Perhaps it’s what gives him some fleeting bit of happiness in his otherwise dark, lonely existence. At least someone is paying attention to him, right? 

If that’s the case, then consider Gaines’ video a solid pick-me-up for the old man. Far from sucking at swimming, her accomplishments far outstrip anything Olbermann has ever done. To say she “sucks at swimming” is idiotic. Regardless, that he’s so insistent on defending a biological man beating up on women is probably a red flag. I’ll just leave it at that. 


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  1. Comrade Olbermann needs to be executed for being a pedophile! He’s a sick son of a bitch! He needs to be executed by death by a thousand tiny cuts! I’d be overjoyed to make a few if those cuts myself! Riley Gaines is an Amazing woman athlete n she deserves to complete against real women not mentally deranged Libtard men that pretend to be women! These freaks need to be taken out of society n put on a funny farm forever or better yet executed!

  2. Thomas is not a woman, and never ever will be a woman, no matter how many procedures or drugs the man takes! He was so untalented as a male athlete, he had to convince himself he was a woman! His delusion obviously was contagious to the gullible morons with an evil desire to blur lines, destroy sanity and common sense. The idiots let him compete against real women!!
    Never call a trans man a woman, or a trans woman a man! Sorry, your delusion is not based on facts OR science! This is the greatest attack against women in the history of the world and it originates from, and is supported by the party that claims to be on the woman’s side! What a joke!

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