Out of Control: Biden DOJ, SEC Launch Yet Another Investigation Against an Elon Musk Company

Can you say targeting? 

At this point, the efforts by the Biden administration to seemingly target Elon Musk are getting pretty comical. 

Let’s start with the efforts by the Biden FTC to try to stick their nose into the way that Twitter (which now goes by “X”) is run. The platform is running under a consent order that they reached with the FTC, but it was revealed in July that the FTC was allegedly leaning on the independent assessor to produce a bad report against the platform. That shows the obsession to “get” the company. And it’s all likely because Musk is not a liberal puppet and has brought more freedom to the platform which they don’t like. 

Then came the word that the Biden DOJ was targeting Musk’s SpaceX for supposed discrimination against hiring “asylees and refugees.” Musk shot back that they were trying to comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that require the hiring of U.S. citizens/permanent residents for companies dealing with things like rockets and military-grade technology.  He also leveled them for their hypocrisy, showing how the DOJ itself required that people be U.S. citizens for a position like the “recreational specialist” at a prison.  “This is yet another case of weaponization of the DOJ for political purposes,” Elon declared. 

It looks like they’re at it now, with yet another investigation, this time targeting Tesla and Musk. 

According to reports, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is looking into the use of company funds for a secret project allegedly involving the building of a “glass house” that some say is for Musk. 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York has sought information about personal benefits paid to Musk, how much Tesla spent on the project—which called for a spacious glass structure to be built in the Austin, Texas, area—and what it was for, the people said.
The Wall Street Journal was the first to report in July that Tesla board members had investigated whether company resources were misused on the secret effort, known internally as “Project 42,” and whether Musk was personally involved. The outcome of Tesla’s internal investigation couldn’t be learned.

The SEC is also reportedly looking into the same question. 

Are you kidding? They’re looking into something that appears to be no crime, at least not according to the above information. Based on what? 

Meanwhile, how long has the Biden family funny business been going on without any charges? Where is the action on demonstrable issues like that? People living in glass houses already shouldn’t throw stones. 

Plus, the funny thing about this for anyone who has followed or reported on Elon Musk. He’s proud of the fact that he doesn’t even have much of a house. He couch serfs a lot and has a small two-bedroom home that’s not worth a lot in Texas. Now given the way he also works, I would be inclined to think it’s offices, with the ability to sleep in, because that would be consistent with him. But that wouldn’t fit whatever narrative is being pushed here against Musk. 

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