Jon Voight Slams Biden Admin’s ‘Disgusting Scheme’ Against Trump: ‘This Is a Civil War’

The current administration is a “corrupt mob” perpetrating a “disgusting scheme” against former President Donald Trump, according to Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, who warned of a “civil war” taking place against “all of us.”

In a slightly over two-minute clip posted Tuesday, the Hollywood legend — featured against the backdrop of an American flag — began by questioning if we have become a “nation of destructive behavior.”  

Warning that “this is now a war — a war against all of us,” Voight blasted the Biden administration, which he described as “a corrupt mob,” as well as the Obama administration which “fuels the cycle.”

Warning that the “corrupt behavior” against former President Donald Trump is “the most disgusting scheme to try and keep him down,” the actor described the “horror” as he highlighted how the current system “allows criminals to steal from department stores, and all they say is to watch and not do anything and this is okay; to sit and allow these monsters to destroy hard-working designers and retailers — my God.”

“My fellow Americans, this is a civil war, and this is the time that we must stand for truths,” he warned. “If we don’t see this, you, your children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers will all pay the price for this default.”

“Let us not beg, let us not steal, but allow God’s truths to be yours and mine,” he added. “Let us not hide our pride, but allow God’s greatest truths to show the way.”

Calling to “stand up for truths we lost” as well as “the gift that was given to all: the freedom that the American dream stood for,” Voight warned that we will regret allowing “deceit” against Trump.

“My only wish is that all can find the truth, that President Trump is a man who wants to save America — the dream; the freedom,” he stated. 

Instead of allowing the “manipulation of this government to destroy this land, our purpose, our love, our light,” Voight suggested allowing the truth to “remind us all that we are a nation that has been free and now our freedom is being taken away with lies and greed.”

“Stand up now for the only truths that can save us and let us remember Lincoln’s sacrifice,” he concluded, 

Voight continues to be one of Hollywood’s most vocal conservative voices.

The Midnight Cowboy star narrated a video about American exceptionalism at last year’s Republican National Convention (RNC) as well as an RNC video about President Trump’s successful efforts to free American hostages held captive in foreign lands.

He has also accused President Biden of having “lowered our nation’s standards and heightened our prices for his benefit,” while calling to “build up our country” and asserting Americans would “stand our ground for our truths” in the face of the nation’s temporary decline.

Previously, Voight blasted the hypocrisy of the left and media for justifying Hunter Biden’s racism “while the Trump family were harassed night and day,” while slamming liberals for attacking Israel and Jews, demanding that people not be “fooled.”

Prior to the 2020 presidential election, Voight warned the United States will be “in great danger” if Joe Biden becomes president.

“We’re heading down a street that has no name now. We must not allow our nation to crumble. This is what they want, to destroy America. Let me warn you all that we are in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration,” he said.

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