Jemele Hill Labels Nikki Haley Racist for Suggesting Indian-American Kamala Harris Is Incompetent

At the end of 2019, Kamala Harris dropped out of the running for the Democrat nomination. It surprised no one. Harris is an awful politician. She is inept at public speaking, not terribly bright, and reportedly slogged her way through California politics by working her way through Willie Brown’s bedroom.

During 2019, Harris managed just two campaign highlights. Harris insinuated that her future boss had been in bed with racists, and Harris got her clock cleaned by Tulsi Gabbard.

For the former, Harris thought she had a clever “gotcha” moment for the debate. While Biden was in Manhattan nine days before the debate, he mentioned that he had occasion to work with a rabid segregationist, Senator James Eastland. He said back then, “We got things done.” Harris was told what Joe had said and, in a response worthy of her word salad queen status, told staff that:

“If the people he was talking about with such affection had their way, I would never have been able to be a United States senator.”

Harris has a habit of conflating two unrelated things. By the time Biden took his Senate seat, Brown v. Board of Education was 20 years old. The Civil Rights Act was 10 years old. But Harris devised a well-worn theme of calling someone a racist without calling them a racist. When the time came during the debate, Harris turned to Biden and said: “I don’t think you are a racist,” and then blathered and fictionalized her experience as a “black” kid being bused in Oakland. Her aids knew that saying “you’re not a racist” was like saying (ironically, “I don’t think you are a child molester.” Of course, that is what she was implying. Harris had hoped that dig would propel her to the White House. But it didn’t affect her poll numbers. She hovered close to a statistical zero, and she soon dropped out.

Harris dropped out of the race because even Democrats knew that she was even more incompetent than Biden, and Biden spent most of 2020 in his basement. However, Harris’s incompetence wasn’t important. She was tapped to be vice president based on two things. Harris’s father was black, and Harris was a woman (before Democrats couldn’t define the term). Harris became vice president and soon lived up to expectations…of ineptitude. She was awful at her job. And that is hard to do. She was occupying the highest position in government — where the only job requirement was to keep breathing. She’s managed to keep breathing but has bungled everything else. Harris has 18 months of infamous word salads. In short, she is terrible at what one VP called the office: “a warm bucket of spit.”

Over and over again, Harris has made a mockery of the English Language. Her public approval as VP is the lowest in recorded poll-taking. She can’t keep staff because people who work for her would rather work in a Chinese sweatshop than work for her. Democrats know Harris is a dimwitted, dismal failure, but Harris has her champions. Jemele Hill, the former reader of a teleprompter on ESPN, is always good for an awful take. 

Hill’s tweets are legendary for being ill-considered and almost always accusing someone of racism. On Sunday, she tweeted at Nikki Haley and accused her of racism. Why? Haley correctly observed that Joe Biden most likely will not finish a second term. And his VP is an incompetent, wildly unpopular, word-salading wreck named Kamala Harris. But that isn’t what Hill saw. She saw… RACISM! Hill is a broken record. Hill sees everything through a racist lens. Her view of the word is through a race pinhole. One cannot be critical of a black woman. No matter how incompetent. Not for people like Hill. If you dare, you are a racist.

“PEOPLE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN… ‘PEOPLE,’ JIM?” Yeah, the sun will rise, and I will get nasty emails calling me a racist. It’s what they do. 

Anyway, the irony shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Hill calling Haley a racist and sexist for being barely critical of an incompetent minority woman is rich. Haley is Indian-American. And, I checked – Haley is, like Harris, a woman. Harris was raised primarily by her Indian-American mother, but “Indian-American” doesn’t carry the same political gravitas as “Black”; so, like Obama, Harris is black. Harris is mixed race even though (again, like Obama) she wasn’t raised by her dad. She isn’t, by choice, Indian-American because there isn’t a cadre of Indian-Americans or celebrities calling everything they don’t like racist. On the other hand, there are black ex-teleprompter readers like Hill, calling everyone they disagree with racist. 

And, predictably, Hill’s Cyclops minions went after Haley. Instead of what Hill claimed would happen, her Twitter feed is almost exclusively filled with Hill minions singing praises of Kamala Harris.

Jemele Hill is a race-baiting one-trick pony. Without her teleprompter, she is restricted to the only recurring thought in her mostly empty head: RACIST!

I’ve criticized a Black woman. Uh Oh… 


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